Social Media Case Study: How Burgs Crowd Sourced a New Burg on their Menu

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  • To a wider audience through influencers and to give them a one-of-a-kind chance to make their own burgers.
  • To innovate the menu by giving people a chance to create something new.
  • To increase the footfalls with a new burger made by the people who our Aam Janta look up to when it comes to food.


Burgs invited food bloggers along with a few tweeple to one of their outlets on Saturday, the 24th of August.

They had invited 30 renowned food bloggers and Twitter influencers to come down at the outlet and make their own burgers. .On a bright sunny weekend, these bloggers created around 24 burgers using a variety of ingredients and delicious sauces, which amounted to amazing novel creations while maintaining a high quality in terms of taste.

The winning burger gets featured on the Burgs’ Menu for a week.

The event was simultaneously promoted across social media too. The twitter campaign was carried out using the hashtag #BurgsMeetUp, where they posted live updates from the meet along with pictures of the delicious burgers they made.


Overall the bloggers made 24 types of burgers and the winner of this blogger meet was @BhookaJanta whose, burger “Bhooka Janta Bomb” was available at all Burgs outlet that week.

Burgs took this campaign forward and joined hands with Bhooka Janta. They ran a Twitter contest promoting their new burger under the hash tag #ForFreeFoodIWill.

#ForFreeFoodIWill trended in Mumbai, Surat, Thane, Ahmedabad and India!