8 Tips for Newbies to Create an Engaging Facebook Page

Rahim Musani
Sep 04, 2013 04:50 IST
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Much before a child goes to school, he is taught a few basic things at home. In this age of space age technology, parents teach their children how to operate Facebook before they learn about numbers and alphabets. It’s a social platform used not only by teenagers but also by working men, upcoming artists, start-up firms and many such small scale and large scale enterprises and businesses.

Facebook helps you reach different kinds of people all over the world. With proper planning and information you can use a Facebook page to the best of your interests.


1. Looks are everything

When it comes to your Facebook page, looks matter. You are given the option to upload a profile picture, which can be the logo of your company/organization. With the timeline feature you get a choice to add one more picture, this being your cover picture. Use a horizontal image that enhances your brand. It could even be an image promoting an upcoming event.

2. What an Idea Sirji

When managing a Facebook page you want the content to be related to what the page is about. People looking at the page should ideally find content that is relevant to the item that they were searching for. For e.g. Pepe jeans posting about the Nexus 4 wouldn't make sense or generate a buzz since people expect to see clothes on their pages.

3. No Post, No Dost

Creating a Facebook page is easy but not falling behind on the posts is the hard part. It takes time to sit down and write content, so it is advised you write a few posts in advance and have them scheduled. One post a day would be ideal.

4. Stalk your stats

Experiment with the content. Post different things and see what people respond to. Feel free to post what you feel like, but make sure that people respond favorably to it as well. Use current events to your advantage.

5. The admin you are trying to reach is available

If someone likes your page it is likely that the person is looking forward to conversing with you. Reply to comments, and get to know people. Share information about yourself and let people know that you value their involvement. If it feels good to hear from a fan, the fan feels same when you talk to him. Make him feel special. And try replying within 4-6 hours.

6. Keep it Simple Silly

Nobody likes long and boring posts. Research shows that posts between 160-225 characters are ideal when it comes to catching and retaining interest in people. If your post has a picture, the character limit should be 40. Facebook doesn't restrict you to 140 characters like Twitter but, you should know when to stop typing and hit post.

7. Let the games begin

Generate contests to excite the crowd. This will help you to create awareness about your page since contests usually go viral. Along with this, create specific contest hash-tags to support your campaign. This will get your brand/page name trending on social media.  .

8. It's not about the likes

Likes are important, but not so important that you work only on getting likes. You want to start off with people who will relate to your page, either working in the same industry or having common interests. They are more likely to talk about the brand or page. Once these people start talking about the page, then invite people to like the page. Once people see that the page is buzzing, it will be hard to stop the traffic.


Now that you have all the pointers required to create an engaging Facebook page follow these steps to generate traffic and drive interaction or engagement.

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