Airtel Digital TV Introduces LIVE Tweets on TV

Nirali Hingwala
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Airtel Digital TV Introduces LIVE Tweets on TV

Airtel Digital TV introduces a convergence enabling Tweeting & TV viewing parallel on one screen. LIVE Tweets on Twitter will be displayed on TV Available at no additional cost.

Starting tomorrow customers will now be able see what the world is tweeting about popular TV programms, celebrities, sports personalities etc. on their TV screen itself. They will also be able to tweet about their favourite TV shows, celebrities, sports/ sports personalities or any ongoing TV programme across channels while watching it and their Tweet will be broadcasted Live.

The service is powered by Brizz TV and can be used all Airtel Digital TV customers across the country on any set-top-box at no additional cost. Customers have to justpress the green key on their remote to enable and access the service. Customers can easily close the Tweet window or resume back at any given time by pressing the same green key again.

They can send their Tweets on any TV show with the specific hash-tags prompted on their TV screens and it shall be broadcasted LIVE. Even customers who either have no access to internet or are not active on Twitter currently can experience Twitter on their TV screen. Initially, the service will be available on selected TV channels and will be extended to others in succession.

Twitter has been partnering with various Telecom giants and Television channels worldwide. It has also partnered with Vodafone India to offer get free access of Twitter on their browser.

Earlier this year, Twitter India tied up with Reliance Communications allowing the Reliance GSM prepaid users in the country to get a free Twitter access.

Before that, Airtel had also partnered with Facebook to offer its users free access to Facebook for two months. Later they joined hands with Google to launch ‘free zone’ allowing users to use various Google services like Google plus and Gmail for free.

Several weeks ago, Facebook had also announced the initial Beta of two new APIs to make it easier for content producers to integrate public conversations on Facebook into their shows. Now that Telecom players and Social Media giants have come together let us see how the partnerships benefit the user as well as the the partners. I'm sure they will be the next big revenue drivers.

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