We Seek Your Feedback!

Recently we received a feedback from one of our ardent readers saying,

Hi, I have been an avid reader but seems the social samosa has lost its way.I now see lot of jobs posting, agency promotions . Initially we used to have a variety of content to read on, but now its seems social samosa has become commercial market place only catering to agencies and selling its traffic. I am disappointed.
Guys don’t spoil social samosa.

To which we crafted a reply and mailed across. I have shared the copy of the mail below for your reference too.

At the outset, thank you very much for taking out time and sharing your thoughts. As a startup this is is the only thing that keeps us going. I am sorry to hear that we disappointed you. But I’d beg to differ on the opinion that we are agency focused. Our objective is to give direction to the industry and set benchmarks for the industry. Allow me to share a list of articles that we recently posted and the list of activities that we recently conducted that would perhaps help you understand better on what we have been upto.


We wrote an article on the latest trends that are spoiling the industry in order to discourage such practices. 


We also interviewed the country SMB Manager of Facebook to share with the industry the future plans of the platform 


We only today wrote an article detailing the impact of the recent Twitter IPO on the indian SM industry 


We continue to review campaigns and publish social media case studies in order to build a repository for the Indian SM industry to base their research on. https://www.socialsamosa.com/category/social-media-strategy-reviews/ 


We track and regularly cover any major movements in the Indian SM industry so that all our readers who bank on us for information stay up to date about the same. 


We are also encouraging brands to look beyond marketing and explore social media for other business functions like customer support https://www.socialsamosa.com/2013/08/how-to-be-effective-at-customer-support-on-social-media/ & https://www.socialsamosa.com/2013/07/why-brands-should-use-social-media-for-customer-support/


As a true social media evangelist, we also wish to encourage everybody to use social media to their benefit and hence push out articles like these https://www.socialsamosa.com/2013/09/lifestyle-businesses-can-use-social-media/ & https://www.socialsamosa.com/2013/09/how-indian-housewives-are-using-social-media/


We also realize that the entire SM industry is still grappling with many aspects of social media and hence we try and get experts to share their knowledge. And we make sure that this knowledge sharing is two way and allows a healthy interaction between the experts and our readers. In line with this we recently did a Twangout with a “Brand” side expert, where our users could freely tweet out their queries to him.  https://www.socialsamosa.com/2013/09/twangout-measure-success-social-media-activities-manu-prasad/. Also we didn’t limit the knowledge sharing only over the internet but also organised a career workshop for students, who more often than not, do not have access to industry professionals and experts. http://school.socialsamosa.com


And these are just a few that I could point out.


I sincerely request you to go through this and urge you to continue sharing your thoughts, feedback, inputs with us. Give us the harshest feedback possible, because we don’t want to leave a single stone un turned to build the industry along with our readers.


If you have any more thoughts feel free to call me directly on 90040******..



Ankita Gaba



We realized there might be other readers who want to share their thoughts with us. While we recommend brands to be more open, transparent and willing to accept on social media, we should do the same. Which is why we decided to bring this mail interaction out in the open. And also use this to seek more feedback.

Your feedback is of utmost importance to us. It is the only thing that will help us grow and constantly keep us on our toes. It’ll only take a few minutes of your time.


PS: We thank the reader who dropped us the mail in the first place, it is that mail that made us initiate this activity.