Social Media Case Study: Converts it’s Audience into Potential Customers Using Videos logo

Brand Name


  • To increase brand awareness and generate brand virality among a fashion-savvy circle.
  • To provide customers with a unique shopping experience, making sure it’s a fun and engaging trip for them.
  • To co-create engaging and entertaining content with real-life fashionistas, including bloggers, stylists and models, at modest budgets.
  • To make videos an integral part of our content marketing strategy.
  • To convert our social media audience into potential customers.


1. To rope in popular fashion bloggers with diverse backgrounds, provide them with looks that are aimed to bring out their personalities in the best way possible and create relevant content in a unique and interesting format.

2. Karishma Rawat, Channel V actress and fashion blogger at ‘GingerSnaps’ was chosen for our first Style Episode – ‘The Girl Next Door’. Considering her popularity as the cute innocent “Naro” in the Channel V ‘Suvreen Guggal’ series, the script was written and choreographed to supplement her personality, which is that of a young and friendly girl next door. Since she could be easily associated with a quintessential girl who has just stepped into her 20s, we had her sport the following looks:

  1. Chirpy college girl.
  2. Casual look meant for a coffee with friends.
  3. Fashion blogger attending a fashion event.
  4. Delicate date look.

looks the girl next door

Looks: The Girl Next Door

3. The second Style episode ‘The Style Voyage’ featured the Cosmopolitan Magazine Best Blogger Award 2013 winners Gurpreet Kaur and Pallavi Singh of Moda Ninja and was shot with a different perspective. Gurpreet and Pallavi represent the modern Indian woman, successfully donning many hats, be it that of a caring homemaker, a competitive and efficient corporate professional, a passionate hobbyist or a suave and charming socialite.

Considering their versatile ‘beauty with brains’ personalities as full-time sales and marketing executives, part-time stylists, award-winning fashion bloggers and hard-core party enthusiasts, we had the Ninjas take us on a Style Journey for their various activities and engagements through the week:

  1. Chic Corporate Look.
  2. Smart Casual Look.
  3. Sassy Cocktail/Business Socialite Look.
  4. Wild and Blingy Club Look.

Looks style voyage

Looks: Style Voyage


YouTube Video Series

  • Created a rapport with popular fashion bloggers, fashion stylists and fashion houses through shared content like style blog posts, social media contests etc.
  • Collaboratively conceptualized, executed and launched ‘Style Episodes’ – a monthly series of 2 minute theme-based YouTube videos, with fashionistas sharing their personal style quotient through ShopImagine products, launched on the ShopImagine YouTube Channel.
  • The entire video production: scripting, styling, videography and editing was done in-house by the marketing and styling teams, artist Lohit Sahu, with inputs from the fashion bloggers.
  • The first style episode ‘The Girl Next Door’ was launched on August 5, followed by a Behind-the-Scenes special on August 30, and the second style episode ‘Style Voyage’ was launched on September 12.

making of style episodes

Making Of Style Episodes: Video shoot

360 Degree social media and content marketing

Regular and consistent content generation across all our social media channels included pre-release teasers and making video releases and following the post-release follow-up buzz.

Content promotion through active blogging on the company blog as well as cross-promotion with third-party fashion blogs, social media pages and e-mails.

Live Instagram Live Instagram

Live Instagram Feed during Video Shoot Facebook Teaser Facebook Teaser

Social Media Teasers for Style Voyage on Facebook Blogger Cross Promotion tweets

Blogger Cross-Promotion on Social Media


  • Close to 1,000 views on YouTube in a span of less than 48 hours.
  • Increase in referral traffic through fashion blogs, promotional e-mails, YouTube and Facebook by 25%
  • Increase in referral sales through fashion blogs, YouTube and Facebook by 10%
  • Bloggers proactively recommending and promoting the brand across platforms like Wooplr.
  • ShopImagine Style Episode story being picked by various online PR websites like Fibre2Fashion etc.