[Video Interview] Harshil Karia On Best Ways A Brand Can Use Social Media

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The growing use of social media and its influence on people have made brands jump on the social media bandwagon. Today, they are lining up to use these platforms to market & brand themselves. The reason for social media being extremely popular is that it spreads a message in a very rapid and effective manner. It is a medium for brands to connect to a bigger audience.

In this interview, Harshil Karia, Co-founder and Online Strategist at Foxymoron talks about the best ways a brand can use social media for branding itself.

Harshil talks about how social media becomes powerful when it meets with a creative idea. Social media allows people to share a concept, to share an idea. He believes that big brands are built on big concepts and big ideas. He elaborates on it by using the example of Coca-Cola and on how it is based on the idea of spreading happiness.

Coca-Cola has initiated happiness vending machines wherein one can share a coke with anyone across the world, an idea that has fascinated and intrigued a lot of people. They are inspired by the fact of being associated with big thoughts, and social media in itself is a medium that allows sharing to transcend very easily.

According to him, one needs to have a stand out idea which social media will pass on to others, helping integrative branding.

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