What Should Your Brand’s Facebook Cover Photo Convey

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and it is clear how some brands have managed to grasp that concept with their cover photo. Although many aren’t aware of it, but while there are certain guidelines set by Facebook for a brand to follow with regard to its cover photos, not many comply. Keeping the guidelines aside, there should always be connectivity between the offline and online branding, which many brands overlook.

Since Facebook pages are categorized under the marketing tab, all the branding images should connect. For a brand, there are a couple of key points that matter when designing the creative. The four important C’s of a brand’s Facebook cover photo are:

  • Colour: The color tone in all the creatives should be the same. You can’t have your blue as your corporate color, while you use red on your hoardings and purple on your digital creatives. There should always be a sense of continuity.
  • Clarity: The picture should convey the message. Keep the image on a good resolution as well as a reason for the consumers to scroll down and get inquisitive. Avoid paragraphs of content on the cover photo, since it gets tiring for the eyes.
  • Clear: During any sale or promotion, refrain from the clichéd comic bubble explosions, it’s just too confusing for the viewer. A simple sale banner can convey the same message.
  • Cut: Your brand image has to be a cut above the rest. Going in the same flow as that of your your competitors won’t make the brand stand out. It has to be one of a kind.

Here are examples of brands that hit the nail on the head with their cover photos and why.

Tanishq cover photo

 1. Tanishq: This brand revolves only around jewellery and who better than a bride to showcase it. Going hand in hand with their recently launched TVC, Tanishq has used the right colors and tone to set the wedding mood.  Without much text or content, the cover is neat, elegant and self explanatory. It connects with the consumers online and gives a sense of what to expect once you scroll down.

 Star sports fb cover photo

2. Star Sports: Hinging on the concept of “Believe,” the channel has rebranded itself, and this cover photo reflects this by exuding confidence, strength and self belief. The cover photo is clean, classy and connects. What more is required?

Within the past two years in India, the marketing field has been hit with the digital pandemic and every brand has to strike the right chord. Getting your images and creatives right is just the foundation, but the foundation has to be set right. Here are two more examples that have not only designed their cover photo impressively but also engaged their customers.

happydent india fb cover photo

 1. Happydent India: The sheer brilliance of this brand’s cover photo lies in its ability to connect with the consumer. The”Cover photo of the day” campaign engages the consumer on a daily basis while boasting of the engagement level to all its competitors. Through a very simple strategy the brand has drawn viewers just because of the cover photo, which may in turn have even acquired a whole new set of customers.

Nike football india cover photo

2. Nike Football India: The cover photo deals with the product and leaves the viewer gazing at it. The simplicity and the depth of the cover photo gives you an exact idea of how “out-of-this-world” the product will be. This gets the customers interested and excited on its own.

The digital world for a brand has become an interestingly beautiful place ever since Facebook introduced the cover photo concept. As brands keep joining in, the creative teams continue to amaze. Let’s see what the next adaptation in technology has in store for us as well as the brands.