How is Indian Army Using Social Media to Connect With Indians

Flag of Indian Army

Communication and its mediums have evolved over ages. Today, social media has become one of the leading ways to interact, share and learn. The effect of social media has grown over ages and now it has became an opportunity, a platform to reach to masses and communicate one’s mind.

Which is why it is really pleasant to see Indian Army using the platform of social media to convey the ongoing and happenings in the army. They have leveraged two of the most popular social networking platforms: Facebook and Twitter. This initiative to interact with users has been recently taken up by Indian Army and has grown popular in less than a few month’s time.


The Facebook page of Indian Army was launched on May 15, 2013. The presence of Indian Army on Facebook is very active as they are very diligent in posting and updating. The posts are focused on varied topics and deals with diverse activities ongoing in the Indian Army. Few of their posts are as under:

ADGPI   Indian Army on Facebook ADGPI   Indian Army on Facebook

As you can see, Each of these posts have an image attached to it and have an enthusiastic user engagement. The people responsible for handling this page know their audience very well.


The Twitter handle of Indian Army is @adgpi, which represents the Additional Directorate General of Public Information for Indian Army.

Through their tweets, Indian Army is giving the nation a deeper insight into their work and accomplishments. Much like their Facebook page. It is really admirable to see Indian Army familiarize fellow Indians with happenings at their end.

Twitter India had also informed people about the Indian Army’s presence on Twitter by tweeting from their official handle:

Here are few of their tweets:


Without a doubt, Indian Army is getting a positive and patriotic responses for their updates. People are showing all colors of positive emotions, from pride to happiness to that of kindness.


 ADGPI - Indian Army Facebook response

ADGPI - Indian Army Facebook Comments


ADG PI - INDIAN ARMY (adgpi) on Twitter Responses

ADG PI - INDIAN ARMY (adgpi) on Twitter Responses

The use of social media has given a better staging to Indian Army, and has given their admirers a better way to interact with them. The idea of uploading pictures with every post is part of their social media activity through which it becomes easy for fans to get a better insight.

With Indian Army getting such an exceptional response, it will be a great sight to see other organizations also showcase their work on various social media platforms in the coming future.

Image Courtesy: Fred the Oyster