How to Become the Most Loved Brand on Social Media

Dhwani Gandhi
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Loved Brand on Social Media

Anyone who has observed the social media space knows that Oreo is one brand that is loved by most people. Oreo has been discussed at countless events across the world, especially about just why it is such a popular brand.

Is it because of moment marketing (the "dunk in the dark" episode)?

Or is it the overall content?

What makes Oreo such a lovable brand?

And how can a brand become one of the most loved brands on social media?

Well, it's not as simple as adding 2 with 2. It needs a lot effort, and that needs to be applied consistently. I am going to list below some pointers that will help your brand stand out from your competition and garner some love from your community; though these are more like generic guidelines and not cookie cutter techniques.

Be Coversational

Let me start with an example. Suppose you are dating this fantastic girl who you want to start a relationship with, eventually envisioning that she fall in love with you. Will you go out on a date and keep quiet all the time? Will zip up your lips and not respond to her at all? This strategy will result in her leaving you, right?

Apply this to the brands, and you will see why I cannot fathom why some brands shut their Facebook walls to user posts. Closing your wall for posts implies that you, as a brand, are least interested in listening to your consumers. How can your consumers love you when they can't interact with you?

So open up that Facebook wall and let people converse with you there. Let them post their complaints. You should in fact, rally yourselves to solve those complaints and leave them with a positive experience.

Twitter too needs to see you talking to people, instead of ignoring tweets from people who have mentioned you. If you have been mentioned, be it in the form of a query, or a complaint, or a simple statement, make efforts to respond and interact with them.

Be Warm

Please stop with those template lines. I know you will get back to me in 3 business days. I know I need to DM you my contact details for quick redressal of my issues. But can you please make it sound a little human?

The warmer you are with your communication, the more people relate to you. In real life, we don't go around talking to people like mechanical robotics, then why do we have to be that way on social media?

Just a little bit of warmth in your communication is enough for the user to form a bond with your brand. A good example in this case would be Flipkart. People who have interacted with @Flipkart on Twitter will vouch for the warmth they felt in their communication. Next time when you purchase a product from Flipkart, announce it on Twitter and tag Flipkart, the response you receive will be a pleasant surprise.


Besides being warm, you can go the extra mile and personalize your communication too. All you need to do is to check out the person's bio on Twitter to find whatever material that is available publicly, and word your response accordingly.

Old Spice India did a great job at it with its #MrMantasticSays campaign. Its communication was not only funny, but also personalized. The creatives as well as the copy was created in a way that would delight the recipient right away!

As you can see, the above suggestions are not that difficult to follow. But you will need to put in the efforts to break away from usual practice and be consistently at it. Are you ready to become the most loved brand on social media?

Image Courtesy: Purely Branded

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