Social Media Campaign Review: Tata Capital Personalises Campaigning through ‘Birthday Surprise’ on Facebook

Tata Capital Facebook App


If you are a fan of birthday surprises, you might be the perfect target audience for Tata Capital’s new campaign. As a pre-Diwali campaign, Tata capital created a Facebook application on their page to reward fans with special offers on their Birthday, what the brand is calling ‘Birthday Surprise’.


The objective of Tata Capital was to follow the approach of personalised marketing by offering special offers around the time of a fan’s birthday.


As you enter the Facebook application, it asks you to first like the page (if you don’t like it already). As you progress further, your personal contact details are asked – Your Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number and E-mail address. It fetches these details from Facebook but gives you the option of changing these entries as well.

You then enter a page with a personalized video from Tata Capital that takes you on a tour of the Tata Capital office, right from the reception area, to the employee desks, to the conference room, each with an interval of 2-3 seconds showing you your personal information. The video ends with Tata Capital employees wishing you a Happy Birthday and celebrating in the conference room.

However, the video is available only around the time of one’s birthday, that being a week before and after the birthday. Tata Capital sends people emails around the same time as well.

Tata Capital Birthday Surprise

As you click on ‘Click here to get it’, you are directed to the Tata Capital website, with special offers in line for you.

Tata Capital Birthday Surprise

After due permissions to post on your behalf, the fact that you claimed your surprise gets posted on your timeline as well.

Tata Capital - 3

The brand also used a Facebook cover photo to drive attention to the application, but the description does not carry a link to the application. This leads me to ask how exactly Tata Capital wished to let a person who just chanced upon their page know how they made a customer’s birthday special.

Tata Capital Facebook App


Everyone loves Birthday Surprises. Labeling a campaign around the same is a great strategy to drive engagement. It is an interactive way to drive attention towards the products and services offered by the brand as well. Due to the theme around which the campaign works, the imagery is extremely positive, and is certianly aimed at driving a customer towards their services.

Scope for Improvement

While Tata Capital does use Facebook and Twitter to drive engagement towards the app, there is minimal usage, creating much scope for more aggressive promotion. The brand could also bring personal experiences from customers into the picture. Frankly, not much of a buzz has been created around the campaign. Even with the Facebook cover, which the brand has used one to drive attention towards the campaign, it fails to give a description.


While the idea of taking something personal and popular like a birthday and using it to promote a brand is interesting, the entire campaign has not been marketed aggressively. That said, it is an interesting use of Facebook, and the customers, to drive an interest in the products and services of Tata Capital.