Social Media Case Study: How Da Milano Enhanced Interaction with the Brand During Diwali

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Da Milano Facebook Contest

Brand Name

Da Milano

Agency Name

The Cufflinks


The Diwali Campaign for Da Milano was designed to enhance the overall viewership and interaction for the brand.

They made sure that the 3 imperative C’s are completely in sync with the brand Image.

  • Concept
  • Creative
  • Content


Diwali seemed to be a perfect holiday to catch hold of people, mainly women, getting active on Facebook. Shopping, exchanging wishes and gifting is the agenda that everyone shares during this time of the year!

They tried to encash into that shared holiday desire, and built a “SEND DIWALI GREETINGS” app via Facebook apps.

Incorporating a simple line in the contest, to be creatively completed by the fans –

"You are my BAG full of happiness, because………………………….."

(As people post Diwali wishes all through the week, they just asked them to post similar Diwali wishes for their friends via the Da Milano Diwali App, inclusive of the keyword, that forms the Brand’s Product USP – “BAGS”)

A simple 3 step process:

Step 1:

Select a Diwali Goodie Bag and share it with your friends and family.

Step 2:

Complete a message below by creating a Diwali greeting message.

Step 3:

The one who invites the maximum number of people and writes the most creative message will win Diwali gifts from Da Milano.


Facebook Performance

12,320 Fans to a post campaign reach of 17,196 fans.

Contest Performance

Total number of participants - 108

Number of friend invites sent - 1,280

Social media Case study Facebook Contest Diwali Campaign increase engagement da milano diwali message