[Report] What Influences the Choices and Aspirations of Urban Young Indians?

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As India is set to become the youngest country by 2020, it becomes unforgivable for brands, right from beers to banks, to neglect this vital and powerful segment of our nation - the Youth.

The biggest challenge faced by brands today lies in the sheer diversity and rapid transformation that takes place within this age group. Data that is important, or in today’s term ‘trending’, one day, becomes stale and outdated the very next day, even before it is compiled. This makes it complex to pinpoint exactly what the best way to engage with the youth is.

Urban society approached Facebook with a lot of enthusiasm, which is so notable among the youth as being the new platform of connectivity. However, this may have resulted in a nation full of youngsters who exhibit immense confidence via their virtual personalities, but not in reality.

DDB Mudra Group has released its maiden Youth Report themed on 'Beauty Money Sex Love Faith Substance', the six entities which most acutely influence the choices and aspirations of urban young Indians.

The report will give you an insight into the core thought process that goes behind brand decisions, buying behavior of youngsters, given the diversity and continuous evolution of the TG.

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