School Children Facing Harsh Winter in Manali Could do with Some Warmth From Social Media!

While some people are cynical about social media and how it can influence our society, many others believe in the platform and its potential to bring about a real change.

In this context, the #HalfStories phase of Tata Capital’s Do Right initiative is a shining example of adding real value to people’s lives by harnessing social media. An initiative we are proud to be associated with.

Did you check out our first story, where we helped raise money to support a nomadic shepherd with basic amenities? Do check it out.

Today, we are back with our second story and we are very sure you will again chime in with your valuable contributions!

The Second Story – Share The Warmth

As #HalfStories journeys from Dharamsala to Guwahati, Do Righter Pankaj Trivedi stopped by the Himalayan Buddhist Culture School at Batahar Bihal, which is very close to Manali. Located in the harsh terrain of Himachal Pradesh, parents and children trek for over 4 days to reach this school.

Tata Capital Share the Warmth

The children brave the freezing cold every winter and still greet you with a warm smile that melts your heart.

Watch Their Story in the video below:

It’s impossible for us to comprehend how they can brave such harsh winters and still manage to focus on their studies. Without social media, do you think you would have come across such great stories of resolve and determination?

Time for your Good Deed of the year

In a matter of few days, the freezing winter will be back again. But this time, we don’t want them to face it like they do every year. This time, we want to share warmth with them, with your assistance.

To help provide them with a comfortable atmosphere to study and grow, Tata Capital is looking to raise Rs. 16,000 purely via social media, since we have come to believe in the platform and its ability to influence the lives of people. This amount will help Tata Capital buy 10 heaters for the school to keep the winter away.

We have seen that people usually talk and crib about issues plaguing our society. But seldom do they take any action.

Well, now is your turn to bring real change.

How Can You Help

Contribute: Contribute any small amount that you feel like to help these children with 10 heaters. We are looking to raise a total of Rs 16,000 and you are most welcome to contribute your share by clicking here.

Share with your friends: We know you’re very active on social media! So why not share this story with all your friends and followers? Tweet, pin or share to ask people to read this story.

We believe in the potential of social media and know for a fact that you all will definitely chime in and share your warmth with these children. Let’s give them a warm present, and inspire a brighter future for them.