[Video Interview] Sanjay Mehta on How Senior Management Can Leverage Social Media

Senior Management

Social Media has made such an impact that even Senior Managers cannot ignore it anymore. Senior members of business organizations have acknowledged the far reaching effects of social media’s influence and have begun deploying Social Media to get useful insights for their own businesses.

In this video interview, Mr. Sanjay Mehta, Co-founder, Social Wavelength talks about how senior management in the corporate sector can best utilize social media to their business advantage.

Mr. Mehta speaks of a time when senior management would have to go to the field to know how people really felt about their product, and what their actual needs and expectations were. Now that this function has been taken over by social media, it leaves more time for senior managers to focus on core issues and crucial decision making.

Also he suggests that senior managers not engage directly with the end-customers, with the exception of corporates like Mr. Anand Mahindra. Instead, senior managers can provide visionary insights, guide the younger generation and talk about industry trends and the present scenario.

Finally, he talks about senior managers promoting the company with the help of blogs and Youtube to reach the target audience.

Therefore, depending upon the scenario and context, the onus rests upon the Senior Professionals to make optimum and strategic use of Social Media.