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innoservWho are we?

InnoServ Digital is the Digital Consulting arm of InnoServ Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which focuses on Digital Marketing Solutions for media and entertainment, politicians, academia - University, Colleges and SME’s. InnoServ Digital offers effective strategies as it leverages the vast and diversified hands on experience of its management team.

We also have a unit called InnoServ Digital Learning Services which offers training and industry collaboration on a platform called InnoServ Digital Lab. Currently we are engaged with the best B-schools in India like IIM Indore and Symbiosis Institute of Business Management among others. InnoServ Digital Recruitment Services completes the loop by offering hiring solutions to the industry. It draws strength from the relationships with colleges and offers trained and experienced resources on contract / permanent hiring basis to clients and agencies.

Our team:

Mr. Rahul Jain : Director - Digital Marketing

Mr. Nimil Tiwari : Head - Alliances & Sales

Mr. Ritesh Dhrangdharia : Head - Corporate Sales

What's in the name?

“Inno” is derived from innovation and “Serv” from services; InnoServ combined with Digital forms ‘InnoServ Digital’. As the name suggests, the company strives to offer innovative digital services to help its clients meet their business objectives.

What we do?

InnoServ Digital solutions are comprehensive in their approach and leverage the vast experience of its team’s knowledge and ability to understand your business and its unique objectives. Our solutions are complete and go beyond simply generating Likes and Followers to grow your business and strengthen its online presence.

The key to our distinction from the rest lies in our ability to understand your business and offer specific solutions to meet your primary and secondary goals. Each offering of ours is tailor made to your business goals, be it branding, lead generation or establishing customer connect programs.

Our services include:

  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Trainings @ Colleges
  • InnoServ Digital Recruitment Services

Our products:

  • 1 Million Online Ads
  • Social Rajneeti TM – Digital Marketing for Politicians
  • InnoServ Digital Labs @ Colleges

We are currently working on setting up a framework called ‘Adaption of Social Media in Academia – ASMATM’ which will offer recommendations for the best practices for effective utilization of Social Media in the academic and vocational training industry.

Why we do it?

More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of going digital, yet the current adaption is very low while opportunities are still very high. Developing and executing digital strategies for a variety of clients keep us challenged and make us think of out of the box strategies to help clients succeed in their objectives. Our focus on verticals like political personality ORM, Academia and Media Industry gives us an opportunity to work with the best in business and thus InnoServ Digital is not just our business but also our way of living our passion.

How we evolve?

Having practiced the art and science of Digital Marketing, we have deep rooted belief in Digital Marketing tools and techniques and the benefits it offers. InnoServ Digital is the result of the transition that our management team has been through – from practicing Digital to preaching Digital. Today InnoServ Digital offers a variety of services, solutions and collaboration opportunities in consulting and training of Digital Marketing.

Social responsibility in social media:

The team at InnoServ Digital ensures that our strategies and campaigns follow a high level of integrity and ethics, and ensures that we do not involve ourselves in activities that negatively influence anyone, be it a brand or a person, in the process of meeting our clients' objectives.

Furthermore, we fulfill our CSR by lending our support to a few NGO’s. We promote their cause and activities by managing their digital campaigns.

Need of the hour :

Many businesses are not able tomeasure the ROI from their Social Media investments, this is often due to the false promises made by many agencies which they cannot fulfill.

Thus, we feel that to have a long lasting client engagement, it’s very important for the agency to be able to set the right expectations and deliver them.

We learned the hard way :

Web analytics is not a cakewalk. Taking right business inference from the vast analytics offered by Digital platforms is very tricky and setting the right expectations for the client is extremely important.

The ability of the team to tweak the content strategy based on analytics develops only with time and experience.

Did we just share that?

The team has scheduled a few posts for Diwali using HootSuite. Due to the time zone differences, for one of our clients, the posts went haywire. By the time we noticed it, it was too late and we had to skip the Diwali wishes from the page. Fortunately the client understood the technical goof up and moved on.

They work with us :

  • Gudnet Productions – Promotion of Bollywood movie ‘MidSummer MidNight Mumbai (M3 Movie)’
  • Transfigure Custom House – A Custom Design House specializing in Custom Bikes
  • Messung Global Connect – A India Entry Strategy Consultants
  • Success Guru – A Study Abroad Consultancy
  • Eduvercity – A online portal for Management & Technical Education
  • e2e Projects Pvt. Ltd – A Consulting Firm in the area of Project Management & a Microsoft Partner
  • Rashmi Jain Institute of Microwave Cooking (RJIMC) – A specialty training institute and promotion of her authored books
  • Several Online Reputation Projects of Individuals, politicians And many more .

Industry as we foresee

Adaption of Digital Marketing by more and more businesses will give rise to new standalone agencies and and increase competition. The consolidation through M&A will also be seen in the segment.

A day without the Internet

Any working day without the internet is frustrating while a holiday without the internet is a blessing!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring Social Media Interns in our Digital Marketing team.

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