Why Your Nephew Cannot Manage Social Media For Your Business?

Garima Juneja
Jan 15, 2014 04:37 IST
New Update

"Facebook ? Woh to mera bhateeja handle kar leta hai!”

This is a common sentence being heard by social media agencies pitching to business owners (whose company’s worth would be in billions).

Are you also among the ones who believe that your nephew/sister/wife or whosoever concerned can handle your business’s social media presence? Well, it’s time to undo the myth!

Here are 5 points as to why your nephew can’t manage your business’s social media presence:

  •  Research says the ratio of engagement post: promotional post should be 80:20

Does your nephew keep posting pictures of sarees from your saree shops, saying “chachu maine toh post kiye the bahot saare, likes hi nahi aa rahe!” Well, you need to know that social media is all about “being social”. Your business page/profile needs to act as a human being trying to be friendly with the people around. You need to build trust with engagement posts, make a community of saree lovers and then sell your sarees to them. Imagine you telling a friend (referring to someone who trusts you and likes interacting with you) to buy from you and now imagine asking an unknown person to buy from you. There's a difference, right?

  •  Does your nephew know that there are social media websites apart from Facebook?

Most common people believe that there is no world outside of Facebook when it comes to social media websites. Well, it’s time to break this myth too!

There are 554,750,000 registered active users on Twitter. And surveys reveal that Pinterest is equally effective when it comes to sales from social media. Think your nephew understands these mediums?

  •  Does your nephew know that Facebook doesn’t show posts from your page to the ones who are not interacting with it?

Facebook’s recent update reveals that only 15-17% of the people who have liked your page can organically see the posts on their wall. To increase this percentage, you have to post content that actually appeals to your audience and makes them interact with you and create a viral effect so that their friends also see them and get attracted! The other way of initiating more reach is through cpc ads which your nephew cannot decipher anyway!

  •  Do you know that the brand language, colors, content are important in making an image in the users’ minds?

Your nephew uses Google to post updates, right? Did you know that the colors that a brand uses, the strategy a brand follows are all factors that can actually contribute in making an image of your brand in their minds. As soon as you see red, you remember Coca-Cola, don’t you?

Posting pictures of Deepika Padukone cannot bring social media traction, you have to be genuinely interesting!

  •  Do you know social media is more about “receiving” than about “giving”?

So, you have been bragging about the number of posts that your nephew updates or the number of tweets that he shares, and also probably the number of likes that he receives, but did you know, social media is not (and never was) about giving? It is not about simply posting, posting, posting and never receiving any feedback! Even if someone is criticizing your brand on social media, you should be happy that they are at least interacting with you. They consider you as an entity and want to interact with you on a regular basis! Now, that’s some good news, not the number of likes you get (or buy!).

Social media is still a mystery for marketers, with most of them thinking that it is about advertising! The days of advertising are actually gone because studies reveal that only 16% of people believe in ads while 84% believe in recommendations! Social media can help recommendations float if you go viral and your brand starts receiving immense response!

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