A Day in the Life of a Social Media Professional

life of social media professional

People log onto Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. for umpteen reasons. Some log on simply to kill time, others to update themselves on current affairs, to gossip etc. But how do you think it would be if logging onto various social media is the main job role in a professional’s life? Welcome to the world of a social media executive.

Of course, the work stretches beyond Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

It is not bound to just collecting information, organizing campaigns, contests, promoting and marketing a brand. It is much more. To put it in posh terms, we try to understand psychographics and demographics of the consumers. We conduct surveys, solicit feedback and work on creating and generating online sales opportunities. Our world revolves around taking careful notes of numbers, statistics and growth.

The work extends to offline platforms as well. At office, we work with the project manager and social media manager on the status of accounts. Any novel ideas, new trend or an event is quickly discussed and improvised.

We analyze data feeds and anomalies, monitor conversations happening around the brand, on and off the social platforms, and carefully structure responses that are in line with the company’s strategies.

A consistent overlook on campaign performance and identifying opportunities to optimize and improve ROI plays a crucial role. We use the rest of the workday to read or create research reports and articles to stay on top of the social marketing trends.

Social media never sleeps. How can we when the internet never does? We are one of those rare professionals who use all our senses to their optimum levels. We listen, think, create, innovate and improvise trends; we help in branding, merchandising etc. And above all, we create content.

Our day is thoroughly catholic. It starts with logging onto Facebook, Twitter etc. and ends with the same to see if there was anything that needed a response.We do not look at it as a platform for social networking. Rather, we want to turn it into a multifarious rostrum.

We want to bring the world to your vision in an instant and the best part is that we have fun doing it! Nothing like finding a pattern within the haywire world of social media!