Social Media Agency Feature : HGS Interactive – A Full Service Digital Agency

Who are we?

HGS Interactive is a cutting-edge digital customer relationship management agency. As industry pioneers, we are proud to call ourselves a one-stop-shop for all digital solutions. You name it, we have it. Being the digital arm of HGS, which is the flagship IT/ITES Company of the multi-billion dollar conglomerate – Hinduja Group, we boast of a robust infrastructure, extremely well connected network and strong peer support.

Our Belief —–> Business Insights + Big Idea = Digital Revolution

HGS interactive Logo

HGS has over 26000+ employees and a global footprint with 56 delivery centers in India, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mauritius, France, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, the Netherlands, and Philippines. HGS Interactive, the digital arm of HGS is based in Mumbai, but has also been catering to a worldwide clientele for the last 13 years.


What’s in the name?

HGS + Interactive = Roots + Wings

While we are well established with an impressive network of our parent company HGS (Hinduja Global Solutions) Worldwide in the Outsourcing business; the digital arm (HGS Interactive) is still a young and energetic team aspiring to make business interactions more animated, active and inspiring in the digital domain. This Division is the heart of all innovations, creative solutions and dreams, which are in the process of being achieved.

What we do?

  • We are a full-service digital agency. Below are the key services that we offer –
  • Digital Marketing (Brand Strategy & Consultation, Lead Generation, Brand Management & Marketing )
  • Social CRM (Monitoring, Engagement, Workflow and Analytical services )
  • Self- Service and Web Apps (Customer Self-Service Portals and Web development)
  • Mobile Apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, Symbian, and Blackberry )

Why we do it?

We do what we do… for a simple reason, we just love it!

There are innumerable ways to say what actually propels us, but eventually we all agree to the fact that we love the journey our work takes us through, and the way it leaves us a little more satiated. We are actually in awe of the possibilities this medium has to offer.

We also want to tell you how we do it. We strongly believe that to create effective strategies and successful brands, we need to work closely with our clients to understand their brand, objectives and customer base. The idea is to complement and enhance their brands in the digital space.

It doesn’t stop at just understanding their business; we design customized solutions for our clients with proactive consulting that is in line with industry innovations. Our 13 years of hands-on digital experience reflects our deep understanding of industry insights.

How we evolve?

Enabled by the internet, digital media has redefined the way humans communicate; 140 characters have heralded revolutions that brought down entire nations, and seemingly innocuous videos and events have impacted cultures all over the world. Obviously, there is always so much more to achieve, learn & blame on digital… which we can’t do alone. We meet new people; we keep track of the current trends and follow emerging studies.

One of our secret formulas is to hire people who are smarter than us. When it comes to work, we don’t believe in repeating mistakes, but that does not stop us from making new ones… we are here to help each other reach personal and collective goals. Global approach with the local flavour is the key to the future.

Social responsibility in social media

Social media for most is a personal space and is about engaging with near ones, followed by gaining information and getting entertained. Interacting with the brand might be the last thing on a consumer’s mind. Since it’s a personal space; the brand needs to touch consumers on a personal level and for that it is necessary for them to think like their targeted consumer. Before stepping up the ladder, a brand must first find an answer to this – ‘why would a consumer choose to interact with me in the social space?’ Once that is cracked, the brand begins its safe journey to the circle of connection, which is all a brand looks for. Isn’t it?

That’s where HGS comes in. We specialize in finding the answer and then it’s a relatively easy job. We understand the consumer and accordingly plan the circle of connection. We devise and implement strategies based on their needs resulting in intimacy. Understanding digital conversations, we then decode them, providing a 360 degree view of the consumer and enable a brand to offer better support and services.

Social CRM is, in fact, our forte. We listen, collect, redirect, interact and measure. However, any responsibility can be a boon or a bane. We suggest brands to do it the right way. Do not simply bombard your social platforms with all the verbose information which you think is relevant. Explicit elaboration causes the value of the content to diminish. It should be a balanced act which educates, inspires and empathizes with the variety of audience.

Need of the hour

When we talk about Social networking environment, it’s a well-known fact that it was originally designed for socializing with friends, loved once. It gave us an opportunity to get in touch with old pals, relatives and to share our interests, updates, and life events. Since its time of conception, social networking has outgrown the original expectations and now encompasses brands, businesses and most importantly bigger population from varied backgrounds and cultures.

This exponentially grown monster is obviously without strict rules and guidelines (however, few networks like Facebook are working on their privacy policies day in and day out)

Based on our experience, apart from privacy policies, mentions and instances which have a political background, sensitive nature and usage of foul language involving influential personalities should be monitored and moderated. Moral guidelines need to be observed subtly and effectively.

Also, to maintain the sanctity of networks, rules need to be in place for business promotions and brand activities. And of course, marketers should start believing in the power of digital media. It’s a full course meal and not just a dessert to the main course.

We learned the hard way

“You’ve got to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.”

The Irish proverb is true to us. Though we are under the HGS Worldwide umbrella, we are a small entity aspiring to create a History of our own. Amen!

Did we just share that?

A prospective client once asked us to change their Facebook page colour to pink. We wished him the pink of health and shook hands.

They work with us

  • BFSI Industry – HSBC, Kotak, Tata AIA, Fullerton India etc.
  • Hospitality Industry – Dish Hospitality, Park hotels, The Leela etc.
  • Oil & Gas + Automotive Industry – Gulf Oil, Ashok LeyLand etc.
  • Lifestyle Industry – Carrot Banana Peach etc.
  • FMCG Industry – Berger Paints etc.
  • Media Industry – UTV, In Digital, Zee TV etc.
  • Infrastructure Industry – K Raheja etc.
  • Corporate Industry – Aditya Birla etc.
  • Healthcare Industry – Hinduja Hospitals, Hinduja Healthcare etc.

Industry as we foresee

In the last five years, social media has come a long way as a marketing channel. Marketers from all stripes continually test the limits of online engagement and transparency, in order to reach out to their consumers / customers more effectively. Although, the importance given by marketers to identifying the relevant social media platform for their brand still continues to be much higher than understanding the significance of placing engaging content on these platforms, which is one of the major reasons why brands have struggled in optimizing the social media platforms for their business needs.

Going forward in the coming years for a brand to be successful in this space, marketers need to understand that social media marketing for brands is a two-fold exercise, where the first part is to identify the relevant social media platform with regard to the brand, while the second part is to evoke emotion from readers / consumers / customers and getting them involved through engaging content.

A day without Internet

We are a positive group. In hindsight, a day without the internet will actually be fun. Come to think of it, we will have to physically poke a friend to get attention… Whatsapp will just be a typo… The Postman will get his due… Strangers will guide us with directions… and we might experience deep breathing… And detoxifying for a day will actually bring us back with a BANG!

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are an ever expanding team so yes, we are hiring. If you are passionate, fun loving and a digital enthusiast, we might have something interesting for you. Please find the current openings