Social Media Case Study : How KFC India Boosted its Social Media Presence

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With the age of internet revolution prevailing in the Indian market and the Indian youth becoming more net-savvy, famous global restaurant chain brands like KFC have been increasing their presence on social media platforms. In India,KFC is the number one restaurant brand on social media.


The objective of the entire social media campaign that revolved around apps like the Radio KFC RJ Hunt, Design your own bucket campaign, Currycature and Wow Menu option, is to appeal to and target young audience who are their target groups and also to develop brand engagement with this segment. Ultimately the objective was to increase the sale of KFC products in India.


Radio KFC RJ Hunt was basically a campaign to promote KFC along with KFC in – house radio channel. 3000 people from around 30 Indian cities participated in the competition. With the Facebook app, fans recorded their voices over the internet and were provided analog radio experience.

Design Your Own Bucket was another fabulous campaign where the participants had to come up with creative and colorful KFC buckets. It received 5500 entries. Not only that, KFC also leveraged the occasion when cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar retired. They also conducted bucket entries with Sachin’s picture on the KFC bucket on the day he retired.

Cuurycature was another creative campaign where participants could choose either male or female characters which were wacky, have an ethnic Indian touch to them and then upload their pictures.

The next was the Wow Menu Option on a INR 500 note. This app allowed users to scan currency notes of 500 denomination which would then suggest various food menus that could be purchased within this budget.


  •  KFC was featured among the top 5 socially devoted brands by Social Baker; post sentiment grew to 93%.
  •  Engagement rate became 3 times the industry average.
  •  Placed among the top 5 fastest growing social media brands in the country.

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