Social Media Case Study: How Luminous Leveraged Social Media for Its CSR Activity

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Luminous India

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#LuminousPowerPledge is a CSR initiative by Luminous to create awareness amongst people about the importance of power and electricity conservation and is an attempt to drive them towards saving it.



Application Development

Fans were asked to share their photos in pledge pose along with their power pledge to save power & electricity. Luminous Power Pledge Application was created to enable them share their pics and pledges. Sachin, the brand ambassador for Luminous supported the campaign.

Cover Photo Creation

Cover pic was designed to promote the campaign.

Campaign Promotion

  • Campaign was extensively promoted via regular posts on Facebook (link of the application was shared in the post).
  • 3 content routes- Generic posts, Post highlighting Sachin, Pledge Showcase
  • Campaign promotion was done via Facebook social ads
  • Video of Sachin promoting the campaign was promoted on Facebook.


3 winners were gratified every Monday with Bookmyshow vouchers.


Hashtag Contest - #LuminousPowerPledge

On Twitter 4 contests were launched with the hashtag #LuminousPowerPledge.

  • Campaign 1 - Tweeting Pledge with Images
  • Campaign 2 - Quiz Based Campaign
  • Campaign 3- Quiz Based Campaign
  • Campaign 4- Quiz Based Campaign

Twitter Skin creation

Twitter skin and header image were designed to promote the pledge plan.

Campaign Promotion

Luminous Power Pledge FB Campaign was also extensively promoted via regular tweets.

Youtube Channel

  • Sachin’s promotional video updated on Youtube – 262 views
  • Youtube skin updated
  • Video promoted on Facebook

Thunderclap Strategy

We utilized Thunderclap to promote the campaign and create awareness & viral effect around it.

Thunderclap is the crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together. If enough people support it, Thunderclap will blast out a timed Facebook Post or Tweet from all your supporters, creating a wave of attention.


The aim was to get 100 supporters by 2nd February, 2014. Surpassing our aim by getting 105 supporters, as well as the message being Thunder Clapped. The Social reach of the message was 49,182 (Social Reach is FB+Twitter followers/friends of all who participated in Thunderclap.)

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