Social Media Case Study: How Tasty Khana Doubled its Customer Acquisition Rate

    Tasty Khana

    Brand Name

    Tasty Khana

    Agency Name

    Black Bean Engagement


    • TastyKhana should be an experience instead of just another way to order food online.
    • TastyKhana should help users to order better and smarter by helping them to discover new places, experience popular and trending joints, and save money by highlighting restaurant offers.
    • TastyKhana should help restaurants by increasing orders through marketing and help customers by easing the process of ordering. TastyKhana provides a popular channel for small, local restaurants to be discovered by foodies in their catchment area.


    •  Gift a Meal – Sitting at one end of the globe and want to gift a sumptuous meal to your family? Let Tasty Khana come to your rescue, and just order from our partner restaurants at your leisure and get a piping hot meal delivered at your family’s doorstep!
    •  New Year Order on Tasty Khana for a chance to win – This New Year’s Eve we gave away Rs. 50,000/- to one lucky winner for one massive New Year’s Eve party. Every time an order was placed on Tasty Khana, the order number was entered into a sweepstakes and on the morning of 31st December we picked a lucky order number who takes it all away !


    •  Contests and promotional offers were put through by using Twitter as a social media platform.
    • Tuesday Unscramble Contest – Names of various types of food were given in a scrambled format for people to unscramble and win TastyKhana gift vouchers.
    • Your Favourite Restaurant – Favourite restaurants for specific food dishes in an opinionated question format were asked and people would have the chance to win TastyKhana food vouchers.
    • Fortune Tweet – After placing an order on TastyKhana, each person would receive a certain fortune (e.g. Fortune Cookie). They would then send these fortune tweets out to their friends.

    Results :

    •  2x increase in monthly customer acquisition rate for TastyKhana while ensuring a low CPA using social, banners and content marketing.
    •  Increased customer retention from 2% to 12% for TastyKhana.
    • Increased monthly app downloads from 200 to 3700 monthly downloads.
    • Increased daily website traffic from 800 to 4,000.

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