Going Beyond Push Marketing: When Brands Educate Their Customers on Social Media

Simran Kaur
Mar 10, 2014 05:36 IST
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Being known and being a brand across the world is in itself a big deal, but upholding your identity and aura in the face of growing competition sooner or later turns out to be a call to combat, and Darwin’s theory of ‘the survival of the fittest’ becomes apt.

Leading Indian brands are no exception here. To break through the clutter of advertising, many brands have come up with an educational angle to their marketing strategies where they try to establish an authority and develop loyalty by educating their users.

Let us see the role of this "educational angle" by looking at companies which have managed to make this a part of their marketing strategies and are, thus, leading.

Ford India

Ford has its huge set of customers and most of them are elite. Being innovative is one thing and realizing your responsibility is another. Ford had proved to be both with their “I PLEDGE TO DRIVE SAFE” campaign and this campaign solely focused on the various parameters and safety measures to be taken into consideration while driving.

It had placed a priority on educating their prospects with the IPledge campaign through the creation of remarkable content. The brand had wisely chosen the educational angle, even though it is a road less traveled.

ford campaign Taj Safari

Taj Safari , a venture between Taj and Safari, a leading ecotourism company, specialises in giving you a unique experience of Indian jungles coupled with the legendary Taj services. They have launched a campaign with an interestingly self-explanatory name #striveforstripes, an initiative to bring together people with an intent and concern to save the tigers.

This campaign has timely stretched its legs in the social media and is at its best when reaching out to people for creating awareness prior to the ‘Global Tigers’ Day’ which falls on the 29th of July every year. These efforts have indubitably managed to draw the attention of people towards the declining number of our national animal, the tiger.

Adding to this, #StriveforTigers has a Facebook app where people can show their support by taking a pledge with #striveforstripes and further sharing it to let others know and spread word about this campaign. They had also conducted Google Hangouts on Air with Bittu Sahgal to spread awareness about the noble cause.

ACT save tiger

Star Plus India’s Dancing Superstar challenge:

India’s Dancing Superstar is an already highly engaging, entertaining, talked about and seemingly interesting dancing show on STAR PLUS!

The Dancing Superstar challenge had come up with a Facebook app where one can learn, follow, and match the steps with the dancing superstar through the arrow keys on the keyboard. On top of it, one can also create dancing groups by inviting friends on Facebook.

India Dancing superstar

Nestle's First 1000 Days Campaign Educates Pregnant Women

Pregnant women and new mothers have company on social media. Nestle India’s First 1000 Days Campaign is a creative, long-term activity which is a smart mix of information, health tips and emotive appeals.


In an attempt to educate and entertain mothers on the importance of the first 1000 days- from pregnancy to toddlerhood, Nestle had started an extensive social media campaign, branded Nestle Start Healthy Stay Healthy, which covered a range of matters such as hygiene, food, health, cleanliness and of course love of women for their new born.

ICICI Direct hangout

ICICI direct Hangout

ICICIdirect had launched a social media campaign – ICICI Direct Hangout, which created awareness in investor education and helped people learn more about meeting their financial goals in a planned manner.

It featured two animated characters – Gyaano, the magician and MoBo, the money boss who helped users in interpreting financial jargons and helped resolve complicated solutions through friendly suggestions.

The app also helped you to plan your finances as per your needs and requirements! Cool, isn't it?

If you offer something useful to your potential customers once in a while, they’ll remember you when it comes time to make a purchase decision. These brands have successfully attempted it. What about you?

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