#ElectionTracker2014 Launched to Track and Analyze Real Time Conversations on Social Media

Election Tracker

There’s no denying the fact that the general elections this year is being played at an altogether different level. New media has taken the center-stage and the dynamics of politics are now unfolding on a different playground: social media.

Keeping in mind how crucial social media is for the 2014 General Elections, MTS and Social Samosa are taking the veil off its Live Election Tracker! You can view it here.

Real-time and dynamic, it will showcase the unfolding of the great Indian political dance right in front of your eyes, live!

Whether you are a politician, journalist, or someone who just wants to keep a track of the latest happenings in the world of social media and politics, the Election Tracker is your answer.

What To Expect from the Election Tracker?

Real-time data analysis – We know how crucial real-time data is when it comes to politics. And we realize that social media is a dynamic platform where drastic changes can happen within a few moments. This is what fueled our idea to devise an Election Tracker that will be dynamic and real-time.

Comprehensive Tracking – The Election Tracker will be collecting data from across the web as well as social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. We will be tracking mentions of leading political parties and politicians associated with the parties and share the data with you.

Relevant Data – Apart from tracking simple stats such as the community size and the number of mentions, we will also evaluate how each of these parties are engaging with their audience and the sentiments associated with them. This data will offer you an in-depth insight about the social media presence of these parties.

Graphical Representation – We want to keep the Election Tracker simple for everyone. The graphs and charts are easy to understand and you can gather insights from them in no time at all.

Creating such a heavy-duty real-time tracker was a huge challenge and we would like to thank Konnect Social for powering it up with their technological prowess and resources.

With the help of the data from the tracker, we will also be reviewing the strategies of all political parties with inputs from the founders of Social Rajneeti, an initiative of Innoserve that helps political parties and politicians reach out to their voters.

As we inch towards the election season, we can only expect the buzz around it to grow louder and louder. And this Live Election Tracker is what will break through all the clutter and keep you updated on what is hot with politics in the digital world.

So, click here and give it a spin. If you have any feedback or want us to add any new features to it, then please feel free to share with us in the comments below.

  • Main Partner – MTS


  • Co-Sponsor – Social Rajneeti


  • Analytics Partner – Konnect Social