Social Media Case Study: How Gulaab Gang's Power of Pink Campaign Hit 1 Million Views in 3 Days

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The Communication strategy was to communicate that it was time to witness the Power of Pink, and Join the Revolution, and promote the trailer of the movie.


On Facebook:

Before the launch of the trailer, the number of likes on Facebook was 18,457 which increased to 29,905 once the trailer was launched, showing a growth of 62% and increasing followers by 1.4K in less than 2 days.

Facebook numbers are at 47,000 after the film release. Before its release, Facebook numbers were at 39,000 and increased by 8,000 during the week of the release.

Once the trailer was launched, dialogue memes were shared on the pages, which were a hit with the fans and helped increased engagement and buzz around the same. These post images got more than 40 shares and highest engagement.

As engagement ideas, they also created memes like #GulaabiPower and shared words of wisdom, and quotes on women empowerment.

Also, a stamp that says ‘Gulaab Gang was here’ was created and stamped on real life images, such as controversies, like when Dr. Asha Mirje said that the cause of rape were women’s clothes.

Two apps were created for Gulaab Gang- Create my own Gulaab Gang, which was based on the idea of ‘Become a part of the revolution and join Rajjo.’ This was to make users part of the gang and join the revolution with Rajjo. A User is the default leader and can select 4 friends, appoint them roles such as Decoy, Right-hand etc, give a name to their gang, select a mode of defence and generate a cover photo. Over 850 users have used the app and created their own gang. Many users changed their cover photos to the generated result from the app  i.e. a gang of their own.

During the launch of the app, Facebook fans increased to 37,000 from 31,000 - Rod ij GodThis app is based on the famous dialogue ‘Danda sabka peer hota hai, Rod ij God’ – Users can select friends from Facebook or upload an image of a person who they think deserves to be hit with a Rod, for their misdeeds. Over 1100 users have used the app. Posts shared to promote the apps received more than 30 shares.

Gulaab Gang

On  Twitter

Twitter followers are at 3,842, with the help of contests using #GulaabGang and #GoGulaabi as hashtags. A contest was run post release using #LoveGulaabGang as a hashtag wherein the users were asked to share feedback, what social message they felt the film gives out, and their opinions on the film. #LoveGulaabGang trended in India at the time of the contest.

On the day of #LoveGulaabGang contest, the Twitter numbers were at 3,414 and with the help of the contest increased to 3,719 in one day.

Youtube sensation Lilly Singh famously known as ‘Superwoman’ collaborated with Gulaab Gang and Madhuri Dixit to produce a song called ‘Mauj Ki Malharein’ as a promotional stint for the movie.


  • The Youtube views on the trailer during the first 3 days of the launch hit 1 million and hit 3 million in less than a week. As of today, it stands at over 4 million views.
  • Pepper spray has been given out as gratification to the associated portals and Twitter contest winners.
  • Mobile Game designed by Nazara Technologies


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