Social Media Campaign Review: How Royale Play is Leveraging Its Ambassador Saif Ali Khan on Social Media


Whenever we talk about a house, we first think about its colour, then its interiors and how nicely a house is maintained etc. For decades people have been using paint to decorate their houses. Royale Play is a special effects paint from Asian Paints to impelement special effect finishes on interior walls. The company introduced it in 10 unique textures (Weaving, Dapple, Crinkle, Canvas, Spatula, Combing, Brushing, Sponging, Colourwash & Ragging) so that customers could choose from among a range of 120 shades.


The objective of this campaign is to reach out to the audience and correlate their personalities with different shades of colour and to build brand awareness in an innovative, engaging and effective way leveraging a brand ambassador.


The campaign was launched with a series of pictures of Saif Ali Khan and house interiors being posted on Facebook, conveying how one can enrich the interior of their house. It included four main themes: Classics, Beyond Borders, Textile texture, Touchstone. The company emphasized on the use of a specific colour or its effect with individual personality.

Everyone has different personalities and they want to decorate their surroundings accordingly. The brand claims, however, that the Royal Play effect paint can suit every personality.

Saif Ali Khan is known for his style and also has a royal image. So, the company tried to cash it in, using him as brand ambassador to correlate personality (Saif’s different styles) with different shades of colour (Royal Play effects).

Royale Play effects

Facebook Statics:

Facebook Statistic

“‘Classics’ – the all-time favourites, the never-ending hits” was the most liked colour effect.

Royale Play effects

Royale Play effects

Apart from pictures, regular posts which elicit some kind of response from users are being posted to maintain engagement on the page.


  • The contest is pretty simple. You have to follow some steps, click photos and upload them. It’s that simple!
  • The concept is not new and innovative. But it definitely created product awareness and built a strong brand image (Facebook statics). Facebook Campaign used the Saif Ali Khan image quite well and it helped users in choosing colour effects for their dream houses. In the greed of meeting with Saif Ali Khan, Fb users might have registered themselves on the page and gone through the necessary steps. It helped the campaign to penetrate deep into its customer range. As per the registration steps, it would definitely have increased sales.
  • Another positive aspect is that while most of the posts and activities are user based, the conversations are purely related to the product, making sure that the primary objective is met.


Scope of Improvement

It is more about creating a gallery of visuals rather than engaging with the audience. The campaign created a huge fan following on Facebook. There is no point of having thousands of fans with zero engagement. Such fans are just for headcounts and do not contribute to the page in any way. If there is no interaction on the page, then you are losing the game. The Facebook page has only 0.7% engagement. This could have been higher.


The campaign has ultimately been successful in fulfilling its objective of reaching out to its target audience and creating brand awareness. The campaign also got enough likes and engaged somewhat with the audience as well. However, the innovation in this campaign could have been taken to the next level, with sentiments and higher engagement.