Social Media Case Study: How Sahara Star Used Real-Time Poetry on Twitter to Promote It’s Valentine’s Day Offers

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Brand Name

Sahara Star

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The Challenge

Valentine’s Day witnesses a rush of brands clamoring over each other for attention. Either holding contests or offering one deal or another. How does a brand stand out,in a way that is relevant and connects with the the audience?


What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to indulge in romance, love and passion? All the qualities expressed by poetry and literature. After all, there is a little romantic side to all of us. We believe that a true connect with the brand can be established if the brand listens to what matters most to it’s audience and engages with them on common ground.

Spreading Love through Poetry

So we engaged our audience, consisting mostly of foodies, bloggers and writers by tweeting poetry to them as well as responding to tweets using poetry- asking them how they viewed love and what it means to them.

Sahara Star on twitter

How did we do it?

We put our in-house romantics to work and crafted original poetic tweets. Not just that, we also posted poetry around love, food and relationships on the Facebook page. We made sure that the message was simple and relatable. For example, we tweeted with a custom made creative as a response to a tweet by Shamita Singha, a wine expert who conducts wine tasting sessions.

Similarly, we tweeted to all sorts of different influential twitter personalities regarding various topics relating to #EvergreenLove, the theme of Sahara Star’s promotion.

On Facebook, we shared romantic, share-worthy content, accompanied by promotional offers.

Using Facebook’s advanced Ad targeting features, we were able to reach out to a specific and relevant audience, consisting of people who had been newly engaged or were in a new serious relationship. Thus, making sure that the right audience saw our posts.


On Twitter, we were able to reach out to a prime group of influencers and leave a lasting impression as well as garnering a reach of 112,100 with 576 links getting clicked, and 159,543 timeline deliveries through prime influencer audience- with 87% of the tweets being conversational.

Tweeting Behaviour

The percentage of female audience also increased to 40% from the usual 25-28% in the 25-34 years age bracket.

Impression by Age & Gender

And, for a few days, we got people to celebrate the season of love by not tweeting away to win a contest or liking post after post to win a prize, but by indulging in poetry!