Top 4 Social Media Campaigns of April 2014

Jash Mistry
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Social Media Campaigns April 2014

As the curtains draw over the month of April, let's look back at some of the interesting social media campaigns that took place over the month.

Here are the 4 best campaigns of April 2014:


Pepsi, with its property @ThatPepsiIntern, has yet again moved forward in terms of its social media ingenuity. With Ranbir Kapoor as their ‘intern’ in the ads, the contest for @ThatPepsiIntern got the attention it needed from youngsters. The chance given to 3 interns to go to UAE and 12 interns to attend the Indian cricket matches, undoubtedly made young cricket fans go gaga. A micro site was the epicentre of the campaign, where aspiring interns had to send their selfies with a Pepsi bottle and answer a bonus question. #PepsiInternSelfie directed the twitteratis to the micro site and the contest was in sync with an Instagram account and LinkedIn account as well!

Pepsi chose 3 interns and flew them to UAE for gala parties, stadium experience, cricket coaching from cricketers and various other activities. It is now looking for 12 interns to attend the Indian matches. Pepsi's initiative to promote Pepsi IPL7 definitely brings the campaign on top of my mind while talking about best social media campaigns.

Pepsi Intern

2 States (Movie)

The movie, 2 States, in their attempt to promote their movie prior to its launch, did a few things that captured the audience’s attention. The issue of inter-caste marriages being one of significant importance in India, the movie was bound to do well, given its premise and star cast. Using the format of an engagement card as an invite for their YouTube promo release, made the audiences relate to it better. Also since Alia Bhatt tweeted the image via her personal Twitter handle, it gave a more personal touch to the invite. The live chat with Alia Bhatt, Arjun Kapoor and Chetan Bhagat also created greater buzz among the celebrities’ fans. Hashtags like #ReasonsToDateANerd also managed to keep the buzz for the movie going. However, the interactions could have been more feisty, given that it is Bollywood.

2 States

eTreat by Government of Maharashtra

Did you ever think that the Government would have a social media campaign to reach out to its people? Well, the Government of Maharashtra did, and what better way than giving away free cupcakes? The access to the sweet treats could be gained via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or even your Aadhaar card number. This, in turn, gave you information about the Government programs which have been implemented, so that citizens are kept informed and updated. It was a great step ahead, taken by the government in terms of transparency, especially at a time when scams are all that politicians are suspected of.

e-Treats by Maharashtra Government

Cadbury’s Perk

Cadbury’s Perk has always had ‘Perky’ ads to perk up the audience's response to the ad campaigns. Their quirky ideas and wit keep the audiences engaged. This time Perk is here with a character named ‘SuperFast Raju’. The character focuses on their main TG of males between the ages of 15-24 years (as per their thorough market research). They have 3 YouTube videos as part of their campaign which have begun to go viral.

Cadbury Perk

These were the 4 best Social Media campaigns that were to be seen in the month of April (2014). The summer has heated up the social media campaigns in terms of ingenuity and a considerable amount of engagement from people was witnessed. Let’s wait and see what the next month has in store for us.


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