Vine To Roll Out Direct Video Messaging Service Soon

Saumin Parmar
New Update

Twitter has been quite aggressive in the last couple of month's in terms of releasing updates and future strategies. The latest news from Twitter's desk announces the release of a Vine feature that allows the users to send messages directly via a video. This includes a direct messaging channel as well as video clips to its messages which can prove to be a major boost for Vine, a Twitter application.

This feature is in a hand-to-hand competition with Instagram's Direct messaging feature. It is to be noted that Twitter has ventured into a video application environment for the first time and therefore it is completely logical of it to introduce it with Vine first, before starting to add video messaging directly on Twitter.

How to create a Vine Message

You create a new Vine message by tapping on the Messages section, recording a video and sending it off. You can send to multiple recipients, but all of the conversations are one-to-one, just like the ones in Snapchat. You get a separate thread each time you send it to a different user.

You can send a Vine message to anyone, irrespective of the person has installed Vine or not. Just like Snapchat, it let's you post funny and silly videos directly to your friends.

Vine messages are differentiated between friends and “others,” marked by the people in your network and the ones outside. You can choose to only get messages from people you follow or friend in the settings section. This version of the app allows colour customisation selections for profiles and is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

There are, however, a few questions to ponder over for the brands and the advertisers. Mainly because of the drawback of not being able to launch a group chat, it is likely to make the interaction very limited. Also, on a personal use, it gives you the freedom and leverage of posting and sharing stuff which you like. This is because a video may express much more feelings than a normal text message can. It may not remain the same case as in case of professionals.

As far as sending one-on-one messages is concerned, Twitter said that it was all about design and user experience. “We thought a lot about the overall experience and how to create a feature that makes messaging on Vine fun, easy and unique. Ultimately, we felt that the best way to introduce Vine messages was with one-to-one conversations.” Although Twitter already has a Direct Messaging feature, that is limited only to text messages. The response for video messaging will be highly awaited a few weeks from now.

Conclusively, this feature of Vine has provided Twitter a level-playing field to compete with it's counterparts like Line, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat.


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