Airtel Launches #4AmFriend Video on YouTube to Engage with Their Digital Audience

Maitreyee Manglurkar
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Airtel #4amfriend on youtube

Of late, a good number of brands have started to move out of the stronghold of Facebook & Twitter, and are exploring platforms like YouTube, Pinterest & Instagram to share good content. But seldom are brands able to do it right.

Previously a repository of only TVCs, brands have now realized the growth of YouTube as more and more people turn to it in order to consume good & interesting content. Airtel has recently launched a video which is fun and interesting.

The premise of the #4amFriends video by Airtel India is simple, yet interesting. A person makes a call to his close friends at 4 AM and seeks their help after meeting an accident. As each of his friends come to rescue him, they are put through a series of spooky experiences that scare them to death.

The quest for them is to find their friend and rescue him; but only one does. The video ends with the revelation of prank followed by grand celebration.

The video definitely makes for an interesting watch as it is fun to watch people being spooked out. For Airtel, this video has all the potential to go places and get shared by people because of its engaging content.

It is also interesting to note that the brand has made use of YouTube by sharing meaningful content on it, instead of just pushing a TVC. Brands need to realize that digital content doesn’t necessarily mean Facebook updates & Tweets. They need to think beyond these two platforms and look creating content that is appealing - like a video.

Videos have a greater impact on people because of their audio-visual nature and brands need to create more digital videos to make sure that they reach out the audiences in a manner that is most impactful for them.

Airtel seems to have realized it.

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