[Infographic] BJP Outscores AAP in Web Mentions and Social Media Engagement

Bjp outscores AAP in Web Mentions

This is a part of a series where we pick data from the MTS Election Tracker, crunch numbers and build a graphical representation of them. We have used Konnect Social to track the data along with support from our knowledge partner, Social Rajneeti. Read other articles about Election tracker here.

The elections have drawn to an end and the results are awaited with a bated breath over the next couple of days. With the battle on social media getting more and more intense, BJP and AAP have emerged as the forerunners in every aspect of the statistics that have been chalked out, be it total web mentions, channel subscribers, or the total followers.

The following infograph which pitches both the parties against each other shows that although BJP has an upper hand, AAP has been a courageous competitor able to stand its own ground in spite of the political heavy weights on the other hand.

 Infograph - BJP vs AAP

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