[Infographic] AAP Leads With Highest Engagement Among Indian Political Parties On Twitter

AAP leads with highest Engagement

This is a part of a series where we pick data from the MTS Election Tracker, crunch numbers and build a graphical representation of them. We have used Konnect Social to track the data along with support from our knowledge partner, Social Rajneeti. Read other articles about Election tracker here.

The political parties running for the top slot to govern the country have surely created a considerable amount of impact on social media. Whether it be BJP, INC or AAP, all of them have got their own patrons, dedicated followers and sizeable media attention. Also, with the engagement and reach levels for these parties increasing day by day, the statistics reveal a more vivid and precise picture of the ongoings. The following infograph throws light on the performance of each parties on Twitter.

Election Tracker Infograph - 7

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