Video: Harnessing Online-Offline Integration for Your Brand with Sandeep Balan, United Breweries

Sandeep Balan

Social Samosa invited Sandeep Balan, Head, Digital Marketing at United Breweries Ltd. for a Twangout about ‘Online Offline Integration in Social Media

A Twangout is a Twitter integrated Hangout where the spokesperson answers questions asked on Twitter during a live Hangout session. Curated by Ankita Gaba, Co-founder, Social Samosa, Sandeep answered various questions on the topic in the light of Kingfisher’s successful propoerty the KF Beer Up.

Mr. Balan addressed queries regarding how to run effective campaigns that have an offline leg to them. He bought to light the various challenges that crop up and how brands can deal with them. He also shared the benefits of integrating offline activities in social campaigns to increase impact and reach.

Watch the video to gain from all the insights shared by Sandeep.