Amazon India Launches #AmazonCart, a Leap towards Social Commerce

It is especially exciting to be in the social media industry since every day is a game changer in the marketing techniques explored by various brands.

This time around #AmazonCart has amazed me with its sheer techzard (tech + wizard) attitude. Well, that is what I would like to call it. I looked up Twitter this morning to find a tweet on my timeline by Amazon India which offered a direct add to the cart option by tweeting to them.

Amazon 1


I scrolled down to find a link posted by the Amazon team which directed me to create an account with them to register my Twitter handle. This is done to connect my existing account and link it to my Twitter handle which will then tell Amazon which cart to add the product to.

Amazon 2


The feature does not work for protected Twitter accounts. It is accessible only to public accounts and tweets.

Once registered, you get the following message. It is indeed a breeze to register for #AmazonCart.

Amazon 3


In response to #AmazonCart, an Amazon reply tweet will be tweeted with the status of the action. It could range from successfully added to cart or out of stock.

The company has launched a video which describes this service better.

What it means for the brand?

#AmazonCart is an interesting method of keeping track of customer preferences and behavior. This feature allows the brand to delve deeper into the consumer psyche and extract exactly what it needs for research and development. This kind of first hand data will allow Amazon India to mark an edge over its competitors.

Apart from data analytics, Amazon India can use this to drive more conversations, visibility and drive top of the mind recall among its customer and would be customers.

The brand has taken a steady jump in the race among ecommerce players by introducing this futuristic approach to its sales tactics. Relatively new to the Indian market, Amazon will now be setting benchmarks for the Indian social media industry.

As I look up the number of tweets using #AmazonCart on this introductory tweet, it already shows potential of a success case study to me.