A Blooper Followed By A Smart Response. Now That’s How You Roll On Twitter!

Social Media Mistake

Bloopers aren’t new to brands on Twitter. From yelling “Chup Be****od” to bot replies for customer complaints, such bloopers have given us countless laughs. But what after that? Brands either delete them quietly or blame some hacker.

Well, today was a different scenario though.

NDTV Good Times’ social media executive probably hates his/her job which he/she wanted to vent out on Twitter. But it went out from the brand’s official handle, oops!

NDTV Good Times Twitter Blooper

As is often the case, it got lots of RTs and jeers from everyone.

But what followed next was truly commendable. The brand responded in the most cool manner. There were no “we got hacked” responses. They quickly responded with an interesting article on “7 Ways to Make Office Fun” (I didn’t find it that interesting though).

The follow-up tweet was nonchalant and cool in its own way; and for a brand that is all about Good Times, it resonates very well.

Now there can be two things. Either this was really a blooper and the brand responded swiftly and smartly; or this was a clever attempt at grabbing eyeballs to their article.

Either ways, the brand showed its wit!


Turns out, the brand mentioned on Facebook that they were hacked. Hat tip to our reader Akshay Kakkar for pointing it out.

NDTV Good Times Facebook Hacked