Why Pinterest Has Become An Effective Platform For Brands

Karam Flora
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The apparent fact about Pinterest is that it has inspired people since its natal stages especially enticing the marketers. The bucket list of choices and preferences of a particular user makes it easier for the marketing agencies to target and hunt for their audience. The revelation of incentivizing a customer to yield brand loyalty has motivated brands to position themselves on various social media platforms effectively. Following the ideology of maximising profits and reinforcing positive endorsements to the customers has finally led Pinterest to welcome paid promotion and set its cash registers ringing.

The social-bookmarking company catapulted to fame from total obscurity among marketers and publishers in late 2011. The hike resulted from a drastic push in their user base owing to their growing popularity. Eventually, Pinterest graduated to about 15 million users in India with an increased user rate of 589% since March 2012. It is the 18th most visited website in India with 9.3% of the cumulative Pinterest users from India. India alone also garners 8.6% of total page views of Pinterest.

People referred by links on Pinterest spend an average time of 64.67 minutes on the sites and view approximately 1.71 pages per visit. With tale of these rising numbers, Pinterest is continuing its steady progress towards a full-fledged advertising program and has ultimately announced the creation of a self-service dashboard for promoted Pinstoday.

 Following are the four differentiating points that adds more value to Pinterest

  • Better understanding of the consumer via user's visuals (pins and boards)
  • Users Re-pin improve's the brand authenticity
  • Engage the audiences to deepen relationships and create advocates.
  • Up-sell based on personal customer preferences (visually)

Pinterest has rolled out a number of features that have enticed the e-commerce marketers to participate on the platform. This activation will include the ability to add pricing to product pins to boost sales. A small number of brands from across different industries are participating at the launch including ABC Family, Banana Republic, Expedia, GAP, General Mills, Kraft, lululemon athletica, Nestle (select brands), Old Navy, Target, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and Ziploc.

Pinterest Become More Measurable For Brands

Pinterest can learn which of their products are most popular across the network. They can map what types of images are being pinned and liked the most and which pins are driving the most of the traffic and sales via services like Percolate and Spredfast. Mapping can help them to manage their preferences on other networks.

What brands can expect from Pinterest ads

Socially speaking, Facebook indicates your past, Twitter your present, and Pinterest is about what the future holds. Marketers want to reach people when they aren't even looking, when they’re considering their options, and when they know what they want. People do all of these things on Pinterest and businesses are a natural part of this cycle.

The plan suggests that the promotion Pins will show up in searches as per a category such as health and fitness and fashion from where they can be bought on a CPC basis. However, these Pins would not appear on the home feeds which incorporate his recent pins and preferences. The targeting will be done as per the user's gender, city, category specification, and keywords while using Pinterest.

After tasting success from Facebook, e-commerce experts have finally predicted a profitable up-scaling of their business prospects with Pinterest. It streamlines the mapping of user preferences and unleashes a world of trade possibilities. A more defined approach and a detailed promotion plan can be Pinterests biggest achievements and can benefit the brands and the customers subsequently.

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