Vine’s Metric Loop Counts Could Make It The Next Platform For Advertisers

Twitter-owned Vine app’s format has always been alluring to the industry’s advertisers! Vine app, earlier just tracked likes and comments on the videos. But now Vine has introduced its metric Loop Counts to track the views on each video. 

vine video loop counts

Also, now it has larger videos on the home feed and a clearer distinction between new and older activity. Moreover, any video posted on or before the date, displayed a Plus sign next to the count indicating the number of loop counts in higher than what it shows.

This will give you the number of times the video has been viewed. Now that was something which would interest any entrepreneur  there.

What will advertisers gain?

Advertisers can now reach out to their prospects via Vine and those six-seconds ads can be reached out to thousands and millions out there with an added advantage of even knowing the exact number. Whoa! 

Tracking loops will show advertisers as well as the public that a Vine’s virality will help it grow into something mainstream users will often turn to. This move might help Vine in becoming a hub where the advertisers might try to find their new and growing prospects.