Facebook Mobile App Ads Get a Makeover with Device-Level Targeting

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The latest addition to Facebook’s revision kit has led to a specific focus on the mobile app ads, making it more personalized and absolute for marketers and promoters. The latest addition has permitted developers to aim for the specificity of these devices rather than focus solely on the operating systems and versions.

The announcement by Facebook elaborated on the addition of such precise targeting, thus simplifying the code of success for companies with individualised mobile-app promotion campaigns. The result of the event will only lead to a more phone-specific targeting for an S5 or an iPhone user, respectively. If rumours are to be believed, then the personalization will trickle down to someone using a Google Nexus 10, on a WiFi, with a minimum requisition of OS version 3.0, as compared to the previous segregation.

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“In addition to using device level targeting, you can reach the most relevant people by creating Custom Audiences, consisting of your mobile app users. For example, if you were a developer with multiple apps, you could cross-promote your portfolio of apps to the people you know who love your apps. In addition, you could also create a separate lookalike audience, based on the attributes of your existing users, to reach a larger set of people. This combination of mobile device targeting, Custom Audiences and lookalikes gives you the power to acquire high quality users and increase engagement among your existing users,” says June Li.

Mobile Device-Targeting’s booming effect:

Greater ROI: Availability of the most relevant user database and targeting will only sum up your returns to optimize maximum potential bidding per device basis.

App Insights at the device level: App insights will segregate which devices will work best with your app and maximize targeting. For instance, if a travel company has a significant monetary input from the iPhone 5s users, it can customize its campaign for the phone users to maximize its earning possibilities.

Eliminate Unwanted Expense: App insight can also suggest the lowest turn around and, consequently, the device can be filtered from the campaign, saving an enterprise from the unwanted expense of generic mobile-app marketing.

Basic tips for using Mobile Device Targeting for mobile app ads:

Narrowing the audience with precision: You can easily bundle the campaign for different device groups and promote a campaign. We suggest a staple 500,000 users for each ad.

Customize it to maximize it: Using images of an iPad or the suggestion of a nearby iStore while promoting on an iPad will enhance the chances of a motivated customer narrowing on the purchase.

Optimize your bid for each campaign: Different ads for grouped devices or a particular device type with optimized bids will help you to maximize your reach at the most effective price.

Layer on complimentary targeting features: Use Custom Audiences and lookalikes to reach a large and relevant set of people.

The final word:

The mobile device targeting feature can be a boon for the marketers only if used and streamlined with respect to the buyers’ potential. It is important to understand and weigh the capabilities of a mobile-app device while promoting and formulating device groups to have a stretched successful promotional campaign. Owing to the success of individualised marketing, we suggest that the feature can be a boon if used with the hindsight of maximizing a company’s reach.