Why Mobile is The Next Big Thing for Social Media

mobile social media

An undoubted fact is that mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our life. They are no longer used for making just phone calls. Congregating with other technologies, these devices come handy in many a situations in our daily life. Let us look at its vitality in the social media domain.

The change contributed by the trend

According to a recent research, an astounding 1.4 billion users of social media access the social platforms through mobile devices (smart phones). A recorded study sees a major population migration of social media users from desktops to Smartphones from the year 2012. This explicitly tapped status quo change has not only stirred the users, but also impacted politics, society, culture, government, and business.

The change and its contribution to brands

Since 2012, the brand Arena has encountered a prominent number of companies that have slowly but steadily managed to employ a combination of mobile devices and social media channels to adapt to the fast changing trends. This rise of mobiles and the incredible universal acceptance of the same have made global brands aware about the importance of optimizing their social content as per the requirements of mobile phones. A few changes on a few different levels include:

Ensuring the blog they’ve posted is readable on mobile devices, which can be successfully done using responsive WordPress templates.

Augmenting visual content to be made easy to view on smart phones as well as tablets.

It is the growing popularity of mobile devices that has brought companies to the edge to embrace social media in a manner never seen before. In today’s world, it is essential for all brands to secure their place on the social media platform by adapting to and abiding by these little curves.

Mobile social media is the next BIG thing

Considering that the overall usage of mobiles to access social media channels is exploding, many brands and retailers have shifted their focus to social commerce. Until last year, mobile accounted for about 40% of time spent on social media. The scenario is fast changing and Facebook has surpassed the 50% mobile usage mark, followed by Pinterest with a 48% mark.

According to Addshoppers, a social commerce platform, together these two channels bring about 56% of social commerce. As more and more tech-savvy devices continue to hit the market, it is certain that sales from mobile social media would continue to soar.


Mobile is the king when it comes to social commerce. Therefore, it is crucial for every company to optimize their online presence and make it compatible with mobile phones. Almost all ecommerce companies that sell their products online have optimized their websites for the mobile phones.

According to eMarketer.com, a market research company, by 2015, companies would spend more on mobile ads i.e. 55.3%, than online ads. It is also foreseen that the majority of Facebook’s ad revenues in the US would come from mobile advertising. The key reason being that ads show in the news feed of the users, therefore increasing the chances of higher clicks.

The visible consolidation of social media and smart mobile devices concludes that these have now become interlaced in deeper ways leading to a far-fetched organic impact.