[Infographic] Double Your Pinterest Followers in Just 5-Minutes a Day!


Many  social media managers & strategists have been apprehensively avoiding Pinterest, from being a part of their mainstream social media marketing platform, for no good reason. Whether or not to include Pinterest as one of the major social marketing platforms for brands / businesses has become a questionable affair for both the social media managers & the client. Well, the answer to this depends on whether or not your business wants to garner the attention of more than 25,000,000 active Pinterest users.

You would indeed be surprised to know that ‘Pinterest produces 4 times more revenue (per click) than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook. So you sure weren’t aware of this, were you? Read on to gain a better understanding of ‘Why You Really Need Pinterest’ & how you can ‘Double Your Pinterest Followers In Just Five Minutes A Day’. To begin with, just being present on a platform like Pinterest is not enough. Dig deeper by reading few tricks to engage with your customers & grow your followers! You will begin to benefit your brand’s business in more ways than you know!

Pinterest Followers2