LinkedIn’s Launch of Sales Navigator is Here to Boost Social Sellings

Linked sales navigator

Isn’t it a great deal to understand a sales professional’s daily experiences and needs? It certainly is, and LinkedIn will be adorned for this one.

LinkedIn has launched a Sales Navigator, a data-driven product, which will directly send them insights about the contacts and accounts they care. This will not only keep them updated about they key accounts but also help them in building trusted relationships along the way.

The best part of this is that it’s a standalone experience, which will enable the user to login separately and get a comprehensive information directly to the user (salesperson). This will keep them away from the unnecessary ‘junk’ help them meet their targets with more efficiency. There are other features to this like receiving the account recommendations, CRM integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics and also notifications like job changes, mutual connections.


 Sales Navigator is now available for desktop and mobile web, initially in English only and priced on a per-seat basis. LinkedIn promised additional language and mobile app support is on the way. 

The launch of this new Sales Navigator will make it easier for you to identify and approach your targets. This also looks to drive scalable and diverse deals beneficial for both the parties thus boosting the ‘social sellings’.

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