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Who are we?

Brandniti – A Regenti Media Pvt. Ltd. Venture, was founded by Haresh Motirale & Smita Thorat on February 2nd, 2012. Acting as strategic consultants we offer one stop solution to our Clients with varied Branding and Marketing needs.

Focusing on evolving brands and transforming them with our innovative solutions, we refresh the Marketing Outlook for Brands. We help our brand partners engage and communicate with their customers. Brandniti enjoys working with Real Estate fraternity, all of whom benefit from our real estate experience, clear thinking, strong ideas, innovative solutions and creative execution skills.

We are trusted Google Partners! This means that the world's most recognized search engine endorses our approach and experience towards providing digital marketing consultancy. We are a step ahead in providing our Clients with successful online marketing strategies and campaigns which helps them in enhancing their brand value and generating quality leads. We provide exceptionally high returns on investment.

Brandniti earned accolades in its first year of operation with Stevies 2013 (International Business Awards) and Global Brand Excellence Awards for The Advertising Agency of the Year 2013.


What’s in the name?

The central theme of the logo is the “Brand Book”: Creation of Brand Guidelines, Strategizing & Ensuring adherence in all our communication plans are our prime objectives. The pages of the book also resemble wings signifying growth & take-off to attain colossal heights.

Background Colour: Purple is a Royal colour indicating Creativity, Fun, and Flamboyance. These three are also vital elements in creation and growth of any brand. The feminine colour also reiterates our commitment to service quality

What we do?

  • Digital Marketing

- Search Engine Optimisation

- Search Engine Marketing

- Social Media Optimisation

- Online Reputation Management

- Social Media Marketing

- Digital PR

  •  Branding & Designing
  • 3D Renders & 3D Animation
  •  Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • iPad and Mobile Applications
  • Web Design & Development
  • Virtual Tours & Corporate AV’s
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Media Planning & Buying

Why we do it?

We are predominantly design & communication agency. While serving the needs on creative fronts, our Client expected much more from us in the form lead generation. Hence we focused more on Digital marketing, Website Development, iPad & Mobile application and started building our team.

Focused on Real Estate industry, we understand the objective of marketing for any of Client. It is not only to create Brand awareness, but also to have ROI in form of lead generation. Digital is the only media today recommended by us to all our Clients. Based on online metrics, such as click through rate (CTR) and cost per acquisition (CPA), by online media has made it easy for us to justify online ad spends.

This mechanism has not only built trust in our Clients but also has evolved us into a strong Digital Agency.

Social responsibility in social media

Being into media, we as a creative agency have taken this onus of social awareness through our various activities and campaigns on social media aimed towards creating awareness among the people.

Few of the campaigns like Navkranti – Empowering Women (A Navratri Campaign) , Ungli Dance (Voting awareness Campaign) and many more have clicked well with our audience and followers, along with these we have been active during the festivals and specials days to flaunt our stand on certain issues.

Need of the hour

We think that ‘Privacy’ is something that needs to be addressed in a serious manner with the growing digital era. Digital Media should prove as a booster and not as deterrent for the audience. Along with that Digital Reach privacy and freedom of speech is what should be focused on.

Still there is large no. of audience yet to explore Social media, hence building privacy parameters today will help to boost the growth of Social Media.

We feel restrictions imposed by the authorities in a sporadic manner, should be evaluated and must not muzzle the freedom of speech.

We learned the hard way

Digital media is ever evolving medium unlike other traditional media such a Print or Television. To keep up with pace we participate in webinars and conferences organized by Google.

They work with us

Few of our esteem Clients include Kalpataru Group, Marathon Realty, DHFL, Peninsula Land, Rajesh LifeSpaces, Tricity Realty, Transocean, Axis Spaces etc.

Industry as we foresee

Digital media is constantly evolving. With each new social platform, mobile device or website redesign, a brand’s strategy for reaching new audiences while engaging current ones changes. Digital media today is growing at the rate 30% and we foresee consolidation of few social platforms into the larger ones and further more exploitation of Digital media by Brands to reach its target audience in coming years.

A day without Internet

A Doomsday.

Lastly, are you hiring?


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