Consumer Awareness of Privacy Issues on the Internet [Report]

privacy policy


To test consumer awareness of privacy issues on the internet.

  • Online survey conducted on pan-India basis by Wat Consult
  • Robust sample of 600 respondents
  • Diverse background: age, gender and cities
  • Diverse internet users: Search, Social Media, Blogs & E-commerce enthusiasts
  • Survey among active internet users
  • Online Privacy is a huge issue among internet users
  • More than three-fourth of the users want to have:
  • Access to adequate information on the way websites use their personal data
  • Power to opt out of data collection
  • Over 40% of users are NOT AWARE that internet companies use their personal information for commercial purposes
  • Over one-third of users have not read the privacy policies of the websites that they use and those that have read , do not always understand them fully.

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