Facebook Unveils Atlas Advertising Platform To Compete With Google

Facebook relaunches Atlas that was acquired from Microsoft last year!

What is Atlas?

The Atlas platform allows its clients to create and manage advertising campaigns, generate impression reports, access performance data and account information. Facebook describes Atlas as a more “people-based marketing” where they can follow their target audience across various devices.


Why Atlas Solutions?

Basically what Atlas Solutions helps improve online ad measurement by understanding which users have seen their ads with the help of “cookies.” Facebook adds that Atlas will link user’s ad interactions to their Facebook accounts, whether the ads appear on Facebook or on third-party sites. Atlas will essentially follow users across the Web.

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How Atlas works?

Atlas will help businesses understand their audiences, by evaluating their real actions across a series of devices. Cookies don’t work on mobile, so its hard for marketers to track interaction on mobile ads. Facebook’s strategy is to tie in ad data to Facebook user profiles, allowing tracking across a range of devices. Facebook will be working with a key group of partners that cross search, social, creative management & publishers.

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Partners include Instagram owned by Facebook, will use Atlas to measure and verify its online ads.
Atlas can connect online ads with offline purchases to generate a new business reach new sales. It promises to understand their customers requirements with accuracy, providing real time results!

The potential of the Atlas Solutions is huge, as majority of Facebook users spend most of their time logged into their Facebook accounts. This helps Atlas to track real time activity of users about their purchases. With this, Atlas might put Google under some real pressure.

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