How LifeCell Made Happy Customers Spread the Word About Them on Facebook

Brand Name


Agency Name

KRDS India


To use Facebook as a medium to propagate the concept of umbilical cord stem cell banking in India


KRDS started the LifeCell page from 0 likes in September 2013 and it now counts almost 1,90,000 fans. The agency defined their Facebook strategy and how the social network could help the brand to communicate with their fans. Their target audience were pregnant mothers and expecting parents, who often needed to be reassured about stem cell banking. The brand wanted to reach out to more pregnant mothers and wanted to convince them through the Facebook page.

KRDS suggested LifeCell to use Facebook from a social perspective, so that all of the parents who are already registered with LifeCell can become brand ambassadors and asked the happy ambassadors to speak on behalf of the brand by pulling out parenting emotions.

First, KRDS ran custom audience ads to Lifecell’s database. This way, KRDS had an important number of parents to visit the page and to like it.

Once the fan base was installed, KRDS worked on the interest of fans and on the engagement on the page. KRDS created numerous timeline contests with photos and videos, which generate great fans’ engagements.

Some examples: For parents’ day, KRDS did 24 posts for 24 hours relating to parents’ day (ex. switch roles with your child).



  1. Total Organic Reach in 24 hours –2,11,453
  2. Total Impressions in 24 hours-5,43,405
  3. Total Engagement in 24 hours- 7,801

KRDS did a similar contest for Mothers day! “Celebrate Mom / a week long fest of contests and prizes”, where KRDS did 7 timeline contests for 7 days. Each contest was sponsored by one brand (, Himalaya, etc). Each competition targeted one specific category people: “mothers to be”, “fathers to be”, “fathers” and “mothers”.