Pinterest To Make Promoted Pins More Relevant

Pinterest has begun working with a small group of advertisers to test Promoted Pins in the U.S since May. They intend to make the promoted pins more relevant to users so as to help marketers online in understanding the impact of their ads on their business. Therefore they have rolled out an update to the Pinterest app which will feature Promoted Pins, provided the update is only for the U.S based users as of now.

What is a Promoted Pin?

A promoted pin is like any other pin except that it has a “Promoted Pin” label along with a link which would help advertisers in driving traffic from Pinterest to their website. Promoted pins will be displayed on the user’s page based on their preference. Which means the promoted pins will pop up only if they are relevant to the user & not cause a distraction to the rest. The promoted pins would be visible in search and category feeds.




How will it help Advertisers and Users?

For Advertisers – The advertisers would be really concerned with the performance of their promoted pins i.e How often their pin is showing up on Pinterest, How many users are actually clicking on a promoted pin and how many clicks are getting monetized. Pinterest had become an effective platform for brands. The update will collate all the above information and report it the advertisers.


For Users – Since users engage with brands on Pinterest, relevant Promoted Pin suggestions will only pop up to what the users are already seeing. Random Promoted Pins which are not of their interest. would not pop up. Also the update would make sure to display to the users as much information the advertisers share with Pinterest.

In October 2014 Pinterest will make a few updates to its privacy policy to explain the above plans.


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