Delving Deeper Into Social Business, Data and Talent Concerns: Podcast with Mark Henley, Adobe by Ankita


Mark Henley, Director, Transformation and Digital Strategy, Adobe talks to Ankita Gaba, about his role and the various challenges faced by marketers in terms of lack of knowledge, finding good talent and matching up to the speed. He gives us essential business insights and highlights the importance of training the manpower in the Digital Marketing Space.

He also talks about how technology and the process laid by manpower go hand in hand and are equally important. He sheds light on how social media can be used for other functions of the company, instead of singling out marketing as a department.

Mark’s speciality is working with senior executives to help build timely and practical strategies to address challenges of how businesses strive to engage with their customers. Skilled with deep technology background, large program delivery and corporate strategy formulation, Mark is uniquely placed to assist Adobe’s customers and prospects in the digital journey.