Should Recruiters Recruit Talent Based On The Social Media Platform Engagements?

Premlesh Machama
Sep 10, 2014 10:06 IST
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Should Recruiters Recruit Talent Based On The Social Media Platform Engagements?

With an ever-changing tide of rapid digitization and modernization, it often leaves a very thin line between talent and advertisement of it. If one looks closely at the recruitment module of modern times, there are plenty of other factors attached to it apart from just talent. A presentable candidate with a modern outlook, tech savy, social media addict are just some of the few qualities the recruiters look for.

Now, if social media is the matter of discussion in modern recruitment process, then it has been observed that a candidate with a striking presence in social media platforms leans for a favourable choice. But this trend often raises a question in my mind- does a candidate with sheer talent and no social media presence does not stand a chance?... quite brain freezing! Gone are the days when toppers with great marks only bagged the chance for recruitment.

There is a duality of thinking, when talent and social media presence are both kept hand in hand. It is more or less like the archaic thoughts over the advent of internet. Some termed it as a necessary evil, others followed it blindly. In the same way, nothing can be taken as the absolute factor determining today's recruitment process.

What Factors Make You a Better Candidate?

Web Trendy

Of course, you need to know the basics and for digital firms, the advance of web and cyber space. But that does not mean that it is the only criteria for you to be picked or dropped for a particular vacancy. Being detrimental is not the order of the day.

Social Machoism

It is indeed a matter of great debate! If you have a friend list crossing a thousand fans on a social media site, does that really lock and confirm your chances for getting recruited? Well, though recruiters these days cross check the social media accounts to have a better idea about that candidate, but that really does not make one a favourable. Talent, according to workmanship is dedication and result oriented work.

Social Psycoanalysis

Though it is difficult to give a clear verdict of a good or a bad recruit, the present day recruiter surely scans through a possible hire before handing over a formal coomunication and scans through all the prevalent social channels for a fair understanding of a the candidate. The psychographics of the candidate can be broadly understood by the interest groups one is subscribed for and can even read signs of voicing out unfriendly communication from his past conversations and this could prove to decide against the candidature of the candidate.

Follows Or Leads

Besides understanding about the interests and likes / dislikes about the candidates, a general analysis of the trend of posts / communication on the social web highlights the strength of communication skills, particularly the usage of words, diction, the ability to motivate, pursue or dissuade people for buying in certain points about specific brands or experiences. The social web gives the authority to many such people who have the right DNA for being leaders and display such skills.

Though it is a trend fast picking amongst modern recruiters, but the matter of fact remains sheer talent is visible only through results and achievements, not social media. But one can also not neglect that our social media status reflects the other side. It reflects our mood, attitude and personality. Now think about your own wall posts that people have responded to and why they did so or completely avoided responding to.

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