Social Media Agency Feature: Noir – A Digital Media Consultancy

Who are we?

NOIR is a Digital Media Consultancy that specializes in Social Media Marketing to create and enhance a brand’s visibility.

Picture Tag Line: Warning – Don’t hire them!! They only work best with us!!



What’s in the name?

Ha! We reveal it to only those who pronounce it right!


What we do?

We specialize in Social Media Consulting and help brands to achieve their Social Media Marketing plans/goals.

Our services:

  • Social Media Consulting/Management
  • Photography & Videos – Making/ Editing
  • SEO, Website Design and Development

Why we do it?

We do it because we want to deliver a quality product at a reasonable price for small businesses in the genre of fashion and lifestyle. Noir Premium caters to high end fashion and lifestyle brands. Our dream is to have 100+ accounts that’s why we do it!

How we evolve?

Our motto is: Seek to Engage

Following this motto, we have evolved so much.

And together we have built a place where people love to do what they do and guess what, the result is happy clients too! There are no employees here, just team members working together to create a ‘Buzz’.

Social responsibility in social media

One needs to incorporate the social responsibility by adopting clear and transparent approach keeping in mind the people’s value, beliefs, perceptions and behavior.

Need of the hour

Need of the hour is to create engaging visual content. Hence, our foray is into short one minute videos and stills.

We learned the hard way

Awesome is what awesome does and we are a group of awesome doers. We do, thus we are! We also like to turn ideas into reality and it helps to have some crazy-creative-artsy minds around.


Did we just share that?

Our shared awesomeness has not let any client down yet!

They work with us


We are a digital marketing company, which specializes in social media consultancy, and has successfully formed liaisons with some of the best names in the industry; to name a few: Shantanu & Nikhil, Abdul Halder, The Chatter House, House of Singh and Ching, Ploof Deli, Cambridge English, fourseven, Silhouette – Hair & Beauty, The Kirana shop, Anahata, Nay-ked, Tour de night, etc.

Industry as we foresee


More than words, the figures speak…



A day without Internet

OMG!! The end of the world.

The dark day of Internet doom sneaks up on us sometimes but the good thing is that our brain still works! So we are back to the age old art of writing with a pen and paper.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring and only the best!!