7 Overly Abused Words in Social Media Marketing

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Gone are the days when using jargons meant you were the big daddy of your business. Not anymore. Imagine someone trying to bombard the same joke to you again and again and expecting you to laugh? It's more or less like that.

Here's presenting 7 of the most overly abused words that you are most likely to hear, or end up using it at your own risk:

7. Integration

What it means: The correct mix of social media channels to support your campaign.

When do people use this: Someone just mentioned using different platforms. Let me just throw in this word in for glory.

Example sentence: I feel your plan is lacking integration. I mean where is orkut and myspace this?

social media integration

6. Strategy

What it means: The process and action plan to achieve your goal

When do people use this: Using this makes me sound like I know what I want, so here you.

Example sentence: "I need a social media strategy right in my inbox in the next 15 minutes. Wait...What do you mean you want a brief?"

social media strategy

5. Viral

What it means: When something becomes popular (positive or negative) on its own accord

When do people use this: When they don't really know what to expect from the efforts

Example sentence: "I want my brand to go viral. End of story"

Viral on Social Media

4. Organic

What it means: When things pick up on social media without any paid media being done

When do people use this: When they don't have media.

Example sentence: Social Media is free. I want organic results

Organic marketing

3. ROI

What it means: Return on Investment

When do people use this: Abbreviations #FTW

Example Sentence: What's the ROI of this Facebook update?

Return on Investment

2. Influencer

What it means: A person with effective reach to his/her audience who is also a change maker

When do people use this: When they want to use the word tie-up in the same sentence.

Example Sentence: We need an influencer with many followers.

Social media influencer

1. Buzz

What it means: When there is excitement and activities happening online resulting in more reach

When do people use this: It's what "the" does to Vikram Bhatt Movies. Add it in every line, and you are a winner.

Example sentence: Our objective is to get buzz. No not this, this Buzz Lightyear Goddamit!

Create Buzz

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