How Does Social Media Help Build Relationships

Well, relationships happen when people meet, when they interact. And today when the whole world is hanging out online, what could be a better place to meet than on the social space?

I first walked in to the social media territory to build a brand. The idea was exciting but it had its risks. You have to be honest and transparent on the platform. People know about your brand, they interact with it. If they don’t like it, they’ll tell you so and a tweet or a post about your brand is visible to all. So you have to be cautious on social media. When you say a word there, everyone hears. All those thousands and millions of fans are watching your brand, and so are so many others. It’s the best place to know and understand a brand.

The way a brand exists on social media is very similar to how you and I, people in general exist there. Social media is the new hangout zone for people. There’s immense scope of meeting and interacting with new people. It’s a more transparent existence.

It’s interesting how social media has taken over our social lives. It has dramatically changed the way we interact with people even. Log in to Facebook and check up on your friends, follow your interests on Instagram and Pinterest. And meet people who have interests as you do. The social avenue is very open. Your nerdy, shy female colleague might just turn out to be a fellow football fan! You also know more about your friends from their social networking profiles, which definitely strengthens relationships.

Social media has also made the world a much smaller place. It is of course stating the obvious but now it’s easy to stay in touch. This makes way for successful long distance relationships as well. It’s easy to connect with people across states and even countries. All you need is love and a smart phone.

Speaking of relationships, the sudden blitz of dating websites in India, has only added to the thundering success of social media. With the mobility that phones offer, online dating sites have a large audience. Dating sites have surged the probability of meeting that someone special. You can find, interact and know a potential match at your comfortable pace. Instead of the mundane matrimonial sites, where your match is found on the basis of religion, caste, online dating websites are relatively more realistic in their approach. The focus of the platform is to help you meet likeminded individuals. And, only you know what you want best.

Our website functions on a social algorithm to match profiles compatible to you. Once you register on the mobile app or website, you can check out the profiles to dismiss or show interest. If the matches you showed interest in, ‘like’ you back, you can get talking! The option of chat only opens up when there is a mutual ‘like’. Also, the ‘likes’ are anonymous, no one will know who you’ve liked.

Since the app is linked to Facebook, you can check the list of mutual friends with the match. It always helps to have mutual friends (again a perk of social media). You can block a person anytime during the interaction.

Most of the people hanging around in the online space have tried their hand at online dating. Chat rooms are a common phenomenon. However, technology has paced up and things are getting more structured. The only hindrance I see is that of the stigma attached with online dating. Everyone does it but no one wants to talk about it. Why should there be a taboo on meeting someone online? Once this is resolved, there is no stopping social space for being an even better space to not just meet people but also to develop successful relationships with them.